(ANN)Gib's mining Asset

  • Announcing Gib's mining Asset

    Asset ID# 13285586296728134057

    Burst mining done on the Burst platform, Featuring 50% Escrow!

    This Asset Aims to be the most stable priced Asset on the burst Asset Exchange!!

    To accomplish that this asset will use several Strategies aimed at steady growth and stable asset price.

    As everyone has found out when the price of Burst go's UP the price of most Asset's go DOWN, this is caused mostly by 1

    reason. Most Assets on the Burst AE generate some or even all of it's revenue from source's outside of the Burst platform

    As such when the Price of burst go's UP they cannot purchase and payout the same amount of burst.

    As Burst grows yes they will continue to payout the same equivalent value in Fiat but the amount of Burst you get will

    become less and less over time!!

    To Remedy this Situation and provide Stable Burst income , ALL sources of revenue generation will be 100% on the Burst


    Source #1 and Primary Burst Mining this asset will focus most of its efforts to Burst Mining by continually adding

    Terra Bites of Burst Mining power!!

    Source #2 Burst asset Portfolio holding's !! this portion will be vary minor compared to the direct Burst Mining Revenue.

    After Hard drives have been Purchased any funds left over that is not enough to purchase more hard drives will be used to

    Purchase Asset shares direct from the Burst Asset Exchange to Add to it's portfolio holdings.

    But not just shares from any Asset's, the asset's must meet certain Criteria First. they will all be owned and operated by

    known members of the Burst community with an established history of trust!

    Second they will also all have primary revenue generation direct from Burst mining or Burst pool fee's to keep revenue

    generation in the form of Burst as consistent as possible.

    Strategy #2 functional use of the Escrow system.

    Most Assets that feature an Escrow system store a percentage of the sale funds away in a cold storage wallet managed

    by a 3rd party for safe keeping. That's nice and all. But it can be a hassle and in most cases a waiting game getting

    those funds released in an unfortunate event of some thing happening to the asset manager or other circumstance.

    This Asset will eliminate that issue!! Making it easy for any individual to cash in on the escrow wile At the same time

    adding additional price stability to the Asset. by using all of the Escrow funds to place Buy orders on the Burst Asset

    Exchange at 50% of the issue price. Allowing anyone to cash out at anytime. Additionally all Shares cashed out into the

    Escrow buy order's will be effectively ( Burned ) meaning they will never be resold and will never collect Div's

    progressively making shares of this Asset more and more Rare wile increasing the Div amount Per share still in


    Strategy #3 Perpetual Growth this asset will feature a 10% growth wallet. In witch 10% of shares from each Block Release

    will be sent to this wallet. All fund's collected by this wallet will be used to add additional Hard drives for burst Mining

    power!! Meaning that the Asset has the ability to grow even after All shares are sold out!!!

    Total Shares 1,000,000

    Shares will be released in blocks of 20k shares at a time.

    Asset Shares issue price will be 10 Burst and always will be.

    There will be a 5% maintenance upkeep fee payed in the form of 1k share's per block release.

    The Perpetual growth wallet will be payed in the form of 2k share's per block release.

    Asset Escrow will be 50% , managed by haitch , to be used as a Buy back system in the form of 5 burst per share.

    Div payouts will be Weekly normal payout on Thursdays. First Div payout will be scheduled for Thursday 06/15/2017

    Share sale Escrow wallet controlled by Haitch BURST-S6W4-HQP5-A4XL-AGXBK

    Primary Asset wallet BURST-R992-RURV-MCW5-8R676 weekly earning's progress should be checked here.

    Perpetual growth wallet BURST-QL8N-7SQX-HZD7-DY526

  • asset update.
    currently at this time all shares have been turned over to haitch shares have not been placed for sale in the AE at the moment but i have given haitch the go to release the first block. i have given 21TB's worth of hard drives to the Asset witch are being plotted right now currently mining with 3TB's and averaging a plotting speed of 2TB per day with Xplotter. also i have sent some asset shares of bursity , CCminer, lex4all , Newminer, satoshiMT , Socalfarm, V2pool over to the asset wallet to get a start on the portfolio all of witch generate revenue from burst mining or pool fee's. as a reminder this asset is just starting out and most likely the first two div payouts will be on the small side as im still plotting the starting Hard drives at the moment.

  • Update , ANN updated , Share block release size reduced from 100k shares to 20k shares to better reflect the current size of this asset will keep the 20k size from here out, new shares will not be released ontell after drives are purchased from previous release and are plotted , also first set of shares have been placed in the AE .

  • @Gibsalot I like it. What's the current mining power?

  • @newsense2004 21 TB , 7 plotted and mining averaging 2 TB a day plotting with Xplotter

  • Got some share this morning. Good luck Gibs I hope you do great things with this asset.

  • had a death in the family had to leave town for the weekend i set a 5TB HDD to fully plot so as something is getting done wile im gone , just got to my destination will be MIA till late Monday

  • admin

    @Gibsalot So sorry to hear that news. Take care of the important stuff and come back when you're ready.

  • @Gibsalot My condolences in your time of grief.

  • @Gibsalot condolences

  • sorry to here of your loss. My condolences

  • @Gibsalot My condolences to you and your family. We will be here when you're ready to come back.

  • im back hiding in the shadows 🙂 was an eventfull weekend, no real updates on the asset so have not posted anything. First Div Payout is in 2 day's

  • it's Payday !!

    gibsmining (13285586296728134057) Total found assets: 1000000, Assets to be distributed: 4340
    Summary of proposed distribution of 1850BURST to 14
    Based on asset holders at timestamp 89810198 (Wed, 28 Sep 2016 23:16:38 GMT)

    Number of assets, Account, Payout amount
    2000, BURST-QL8N-7SQX-HZD7-DY526, 852.53456221
    1000, BURST-7BM7-XDNG-5EEH-EYQLV, 426.26728111
    999, BURST-Z7VW-2PQH-AR3V-EX3ZW, 425.84101382
    105, BURST-L47J-TKLH-7D4N-HC7UF, 44.75806452
    90, BURST-9TNU-6JTB-U7NT-HVARN, 38.3640553
    50, BURST-NGRK-M5WM-A7C2-BFJ9T, 21.31336406
    25, BURST-F4SJ-K8TA-YLEA-59V9C, 10.65668203
    20, BURST-5QCS-RZJK-RD6F-FPJ6G, 8.52534562
    15, BURST-4JCK-SG4K-XDBV-53YU7, 6.39400922
    11, BURST-MVNH-5M3W-DUJC-DBGB7, 4.68894009
    10, BURST-WKZ8-K7CG-XAV7-9TTAS, 4.26267281
    10, BURST-23T9-DRRQ-4YTA-EBV44, 4.26267281
    4, BURST-PKT5-XLE7-NUN4-3AWQC, 1.70506912
    1, BURST-TUV4-NYRQ-88UX-AQDWY, 0.42626728

    Amount paid, Account, TX
    852.53456221, BURST-QL8N-7SQX-HZD7-DY526, 2540349962229880987
    426.26728111, BURST-7BM7-XDNG-5EEH-EYQLV, 9957475539652532924
    425.84101382, BURST-Z7VW-2PQH-AR3V-EX3ZW, 15097721194171968642
    44.75806452, BURST-L47J-TKLH-7D4N-HC7UF, 13549493090006661260
    38.3640553, BURST-9TNU-6JTB-U7NT-HVARN, 6987611794795604839
    21.31336406, BURST-NGRK-M5WM-A7C2-BFJ9T, 13777971261049025129
    10.65668203, BURST-F4SJ-K8TA-YLEA-59V9C, 7524092689905517255
    8.52534562, BURST-5QCS-RZJK-RD6F-FPJ6G, 18192032025702237825
    6.39400922, BURST-4JCK-SG4K-XDBV-53YU7, 17143720436568639344
    4.68894009, BURST-MVNH-5M3W-DUJC-DBGB7, 3695642972108790210
    4.26267281, BURST-WKZ8-K7CG-XAV7-9TTAS, 13899420620860261719
    4.26267281, BURST-23T9-DRRQ-4YTA-EBV44, 10687849741432286861
    1.70506912, BURST-PKT5-XLE7-NUN4-3AWQC, 17630698817793227939
    0.42626728, BURST-TUV4-NYRQ-88UX-AQDWY, 11968122578059295852
    ------------All transactions processed------------

  • gibsmining (13285586296728134057) Total found assets: 1000000, Assets to be distributed: 4924
    Summary of proposed distribution of 1663BURST to 16
    Based on asset holders at timestamp 90422448 (Thu, 06 Oct 2016 01:20:48 GMT)

    Number of assets, Account, Payout amount
    2000, BURST-QL8N-7SQX-HZD7-DY526, 675.46709992
    1000, BURST-7BM7-XDNG-5EEH-EYQLV, 337.73354996
    999, BURST-Z7VW-2PQH-AR3V-EX3ZW, 337.39581641
    500, BURST-9XFH-CFS7-CZKQ-29D3E, 168.86677498
    130, BURST-NGRK-M5WM-A7C2-BFJ9T, 43.90536149
    106, BURST-L47J-TKLH-7D4N-HC7UF, 35.7997563
    90, BURST-9TNU-6JTB-U7NT-HVARN, 30.3960195
    25, BURST-F4SJ-K8TA-YLEA-59V9C, 8.44333875
    20, BURST-5QCS-RZJK-RD6F-FPJ6G, 6.754671
    16, BURST-4JCK-SG4K-XDBV-53YU7, 5.4037368
    11, BURST-MVNH-5M3W-DUJC-DBGB7, 3.71506905
    10, BURST-WKZ8-K7CG-XAV7-9TTAS, 3.3773355
    10, BURST-23T9-DRRQ-4YTA-EBV44, 3.3773355
    4, BURST-PKT5-XLE7-NUN4-3AWQC, 1.3509342
    2, BURST-VX6R-BJXQ-XNPL-G2SGG, 0.6754671
    1, BURST-TUV4-NYRQ-88UX-AQDWY, 0.33773355

    Amount paid, Account, TX
    675.46709992, BURST-QL8N-7SQX-HZD7-DY526, 14790023838847993767
    337.73354996, BURST-7BM7-XDNG-5EEH-EYQLV, 14953266573661834118
    337.39581641, BURST-Z7VW-2PQH-AR3V-EX3ZW, 3526687221623703442
    168.86677498, BURST-9XFH-CFS7-CZKQ-29D3E, 5657139704198381592
    43.90536149, BURST-NGRK-M5WM-A7C2-BFJ9T, 17871476439141517024
    35.7997563, BURST-L47J-TKLH-7D4N-HC7UF, 1981077889557045757
    30.3960195, BURST-9TNU-6JTB-U7NT-HVARN, 12085031556276023309
    8.44333875, BURST-F4SJ-K8TA-YLEA-59V9C, 12428907872770627287
    6.754671, BURST-5QCS-RZJK-RD6F-FPJ6G, 13482601157510172349
    5.4037368, BURST-4JCK-SG4K-XDBV-53YU7, 7576734724958184956
    3.71506905, BURST-MVNH-5M3W-DUJC-DBGB7, 2741627199850375205
    3.3773355, BURST-WKZ8-K7CG-XAV7-9TTAS, 9266353916112031754
    3.3773355, BURST-23T9-DRRQ-4YTA-EBV44, 10219424435801711605
    1.3509342, BURST-PKT5-XLE7-NUN4-3AWQC, 4944337798716765216
    0.6754671, BURST-VX6R-BJXQ-XNPL-G2SGG, 4297815838586025894
    0.33773355, BURST-TUV4-NYRQ-88UX-AQDWY, 2984448621526941797
    ------------All transactions processed------------

  • Thank you Mr. Gibbs!

    (I hope you read that as Jack Sparrow's voice)

  • @Gibsalot hope you feeling better, losses can be very rough.

  • @keyd0s first payout was at 4.2% ROI second was at 3.3% ROI , both vary nice payouts but the high ROI is mostly do to the low amount of shares sold 3/4 of the first block release are still unsold in the AE..
    as a reminder to everyone the 50% escrow buyback wall will be placed on the book's after each block release is sold out. as thats when the sale funds are distributed to where they need to go.

  • @falconCoin im feeling fine i was not particurly close to the person as they where an inlaw but my better half was down and out for a wile over it.

  • @Gibsalot well that is tough to watch and makes ya feel pretty helpless at times.... glad your back on track!