When do Burstcoin Mining pools rewards you with what you have earned (When do they payout)

  • I have been mining for around 36 hours and not a single Burst coin has been sent to my account, why is this? When do Burst mining pools pay out, more specifically, when does the Burst.Ninja mining pool payout. Any help would be greatly appreciated and i thank you in advance.

  • @Burst-Miner2 join to pool.burst-team.us ,There is too much capacity (TB) on burst.ninja, it´s bad for the network/coin, you receive the coins when you reach a minimum amount.... join burst.team...

  • To answer you question specifically and address @burstcoinPT comment you need to understand a couple of things about mining. The first is the larger your total plot size the shorter/better your deadlines. Burst.Ninja does not accept any deadlines over 24hours, which means if you are 10TB or less your chance of finding a viable deadline is less than 10%. Then your also competing for a slice of the pie based on your average in the past 50, so if you submitted on all 50 but lets say only 5 were accepted your payout will be almost nothing.

    At burst-team.us you are paid on which ever comes first, either the accumulation of 300 coins or 24hrs.



    PS> Without thread hijacking did anyone else see me hit that block today with a deadline of 1sec (block #249214) - WHAM miracles do happen, 2% to the pool!

  • admin

    @Burst-Miner2 sounds like you have not set reward receiptient for the pool.