Donate some BURST to help a GREAT project and feel good about it!

  • @iKnow0 has taken it among himself to hire translators for different languages and get a wiki page set up for this great coin. He has completed a few languages already but to speed up the process Donations are welcome. His latest completion was Chinese and Spanish is next. I don't know but to me it feels great to contribute to this cause.

    Page can be found here:

    Donations send directly here:


    Whether its 5, 50, 100 or 10,000 BURST this is a great project and we should all support and donate to it. 🙂

    He has posted already but more exposure cannot hurt. Sorry if considered spam.

  • @darindarin Sent some more, since this is a great project that can have a big impact on Burst.

  • How do I start a burst donation as I want to start a LYME DISEASE clinic. We have a device that gets rid of the disease, it is NOT on the market buy has been successfully used for 8 years now! Thanks! BURST-7728-AQXN-QKY5-2FNEX