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  • Hi Guys,

    im getting shedloads with messages telling me my pool isnt paying out because of burstcoin.biz showing inaccurate data.

    is it something i can look at where we can get the explorers database to recheck the last 100 blocks and update straight from the chain rather than storing the data and never going back to check.

  • You are not alone its been like this off and on for a while!

  • Sometime in the next few weeks (hopefully) I will be releasing a Burst blockchain visualization site that will allow you to monitor the Burst blockchain in realtime.

    It also functions a bit like a block explorer. You can click on blocks, transactions, accounts, etc. for a short summary and details. But its primary function is to show off (in a pleasing way) HOW Burst is used.

  • @FlippyCakes and all this data comes straight from the blockchain? or does it cache in a sql table?

    currently the block chain wont handle direct connections from many users as burst.ninjas history causes every wallet you currently try to look at the transaction history to crash because its history is to large the api call freezes the wallet completely.

    it would be ideal if the sql server communicated with the blockchain ever so often to consolidate and reconcile its books.

  • @Lexicon Hmmm, I may have to look into that. Thanks for the info!

    I haven't done any sort of load testing. Perhaps a DB layer is required.

    It directly connect to the API, though it caches individual requests (it won't look up the same account multiple times at once, though it will pass through requests for different accounts at once, for example.)

  • @FlippyCakes yeah watch out lol. you'll probably need a db layer on top. searching a nosql database is incredibly inefficient for a large scale site such as a block explorer.

    that said i am building a threaded block explorer straight into the AIO Wallet that runs off the db and will only run off the local wallet. so single user use should be fine for that job.

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    @Lexicon A couple of months ago I tried to edit the code to each block resync the last 50 blocks - but appears it doesn't work properly. I am an absolute novice at PHP, but if someone competent wants to take a crack at fixing the problem, I can setup a clone of the BlockEx for development and testing.

  • @haitch please 🙂 dm me with the details

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  • explorer stuck again today!