has admin of pool.burstcoin.ml vanished off the face of the Earth?

  • Hello, I joined a pool that I believed was a very good pool. Then I had an issue and tried to contact the admin of the pool. However there was no response. I elicited the help of a miner who admins his own pool, and although Hatch was very nice, it seemed there was nothing he could do but confirm I was a miner there. Now there may not be much TateA can do about it either, however, communication is VERY important. All I really need it someone to explain that it's okay to wait and assure me that I'm not wasting my time mining someone elses pool who is never going to pay out? It was suggested I hang on until I get my portion of shares whatever that turns out to be and decide upon a pool that has more admin attention. I don't know if Mr Tate has gone on vacation or what, but my requests have gone unanswered, not even seen it appears. I do not know where to go with my issue. I believe I will follow the guidance I received outside of the pool I chose.

  • After 2 days mining burstcoin.ml i still have not gotten payed so i had to switch to a different one.

  • what pool did you switch too?

  • Thank you sir, - Received a portion of shares -> Looking forward to a fully functioning burstcoin.ml - Really excited to be a part of the community, I hope we can work together for the betterment of everyone together. I can afford to hang around the edge of this pool for a while more.


  • I was mining for 4 days (with 1.5TB) and I've received nothing. Is it ok for this pool?(on the board I can see my wallet with 1-50 days deadlines)

  • You would only get the reward for ur current deadline if the pool you are in forges the actual block.

    For example alt text

    the first name/adress is the person that forged it, 37738 was forged by the pool im in so i will get the reward according to my deadline

  • @Rossman01 Hi there, I'm sorry that I missed you. This is a one man operation, so things are always crazy. If you have any questions PM me, thinks. We have updated to Ninja v2, thinks for the help from Haitch. 🙂