Dificulty plot 2º drive.... Error while mining... Nonce problem .. deadline

  • I have a question, if possible needed a little help in this matter, I did 2 Plotts, 1st goes 0_18415616_8192 following the example I have come to see here in the forum, subtracts the number of 8 and gave even number, which means which is a good plott. correct ??
    the second plot, made the follow-up of the 1st ranging from 18415617_2048000_8192 but subtracting by 8 because of an odd number, I can not hit it in any way, and since I linked this plot to my miner who appears an error saying that the deadline has 6500 years, or who have corrupted the plot, what can I do ??

    for a good continuamento of plott agree to follow a certain sequence ??

    @luxe @administrators @Global-Moderators @crowetic0_1468031207682_nonce problem.jpg

  • admin

    @burstcoinPT This happens from time to time - the miner and the pool disagree about the validity of a nonce submission. I've not been able to figure out why - but it seems as if the miner is submitting a nonce for the previous round, but I don't know how/why. It can generally be ignored though, as it happens with nonces that will never win the round anyway.

  • @haitch when i plott the 2 drive this happen in regular time....

    before, when i have only 1 plot never see this error...

    just in case do you see my nonces number, it´s good to mining ???

    and the 2 plot i have to edit???

  • admin

    @burstcoinPT - I can't see the actual submissions without seeing you actual numeric ID and IP address, The power of ninja pool contributes towards this, it should stop after we distribute the power/