Problem with unconfirmed transaction...

  • This transaction has been lingering all day in my wallet and it it unconfirmed. When i go to the online wallet it is not there telling me that this transaction is not on the blockchain. Does any one know how to get rid of it?

  • admin

    @stupendelious - ignore it and repeat the transaction, it probably happened when the coin was on a fork. This is why we're trying to break up the ninja power.

  • @haitch yeah i already re did the transactions but i'm worried that it will go through randomly now. it is a set reward assignment transaction so i really cant let this go through randomly. is there any chance of that?

  • admin

    @stupendelious It won't have randomly. Once the chain forks, then goes back to the dominant chain; the transactions that happened on the killed fork never really happened. Re-do the assignment.

  • @haitch k thanks! thats really interesting how forks work! Sorry for all these questions but with the release of the new wallet the title said fork on (some block #). what does this mean, like why is it going to fork

  • admin

    @stupendelious When a new wallet forks, it means the behavior from previous versions changes. You can have soft work where older versions of the wallet still work at the blocktarget (and the 1.2.4 wallet is a soft fork - you should update, but it's not the end of the world if you don't), or hard forks, where older wallets stop working at the designated block (If 1.2.4 was a hard fork, after the targeted block you wallet wouldn't work at all). But you can also have blockchain forks where nodes/pool disagree about what happened. When this happens, the nodes/pools are working towards different targets. Over the next couple of blocks the nodes/pools will agree that whichever chain has the most followers is correct - with the power ninja had it is was pretty much pre-determined that whatever it believed to be the truth would be forced to on everybody else. Often to everyone else's detriment .....