[ANN] Kohinoor Asset- Safest Investment Asset !! - SCAM! Do not purchase.

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    ✨ASSET ID🕳 7509020767882905849
    💎Issuer Account👁 BURST-BBPL-ETQF-65QW-DVDND
    💎Assets Account👁 BURST-YQ6N-4RPA-FM78-ASSET
    🌐Total Supply🕳 1,000,000
    🕖Asset Issuing Date🕳 07|06|2017
    🎯Paid Dividends[ROI]🕳 53%, 49%, 13.5%, 12.11%
    🎢Dividend Payouts🕳 Every Week Anyday of Week With Surprize💰⁉

    Website :-https://ultimate-legend.com/investment/

    First Set~ SOLD

    Second Set~ Selling
    Buy Asset In BTC - Website :-https://ultimate-legend.com/investment/

    ✌HOW IT WORKS✌ 50% are Invested and Traded within Burst and Burst Account Passphrase will be handed to Mr.Haitch for safety, if something happens to me to safe investors and 50% are Invested and traded outside Burst and Bursts are only sold at higher price and bring back for payout at lower price🎇
    (Note- if burst gone too high either payouts of 50% will happen in BTC or will wait max one weak and till then do payouts of 50% investment)

    🙌20% of Profit will be kept for Buy Back or Reinvestment or I will keep for providing services. So 80% of total profit get Distributed in Investors as Dividends✌

    ✌WHY ITS SAFEST INVESTMENT✌ - There is Only Safe Trading in this asset by a professional trader with more than 10 yrs of experience in trading and investment!! i will only choose where Minimum Risk and Sure Profit is Possible, like trading in sure shot trades or Investing in Safest assets with good returns !! This will also help burst to grow. 🎇

    1.For Trading funds are kept Only in Poloniex And Bittrex and traded only in strong assets !!

    1. Two factor authenticator is always used to protect funds outside Burst!!

    2. Burst Account passphrases are never kept online always complicated so its impossible to hack it and shared with haitch to protect investors!!

    ✌PROSPECTIVES✌ Best ever ROI👌 will be paid only in this asset👍 100% guaranteed ROI asap to every investor👍This asset will create an unforgettable history in Asset exchange 👍 Everything is done before thinking 10 times and dealed with maturity✌!!

    All Identities are provided to Mr. Haitch. i am haitch verified !!

    Name-Dev , Age 31 , thats my real picture in my profile any other thing anyone want to know Please ask!

    ||✨KOHINOOR - Most Precious Diamond In The World And This Asset Will Shine Bright Like KOH!NOOR✨||

  • @dvndr007 OK I will admit that I do not understand what this Asset is all about, and that is not a good start....

    So attempting to pick out the key points I can see 50% are Invested and Traded within Burst

    Then I see 50% are Invested outside Burst and Bursts are only sold at higher price and bring back for payout at lower price

    Ok the 50% I understand, but beyond that I have not got the slightest idea what you intend to do with Investors money?

    This line I understand. 15% of profit will be kept for buy back or reinvestment and 5% i will keep for providing services. So 80% of total profit is distributed in investors as dividends.

    Then we have the paragraph about how you are losing Money in 4 out of 10 gambling sites. So is this a gambling Asset or a Trading Asset. Then a great thought about minimum risk and sure profit yes we all like a sure profit.

    Next we have trading between Exchanges, Investing in Casinos, why they are yummy I do not know? Finally let's not forget many other ideas i found like compound interest things

    I am sorry but at the moment this Asset gives me very little / no confidence at all.


  • @RichBC i read this over several times too...

    the best i can figure out after reading a post of his in response to mine the other day is that he is possibly using a translator and english is not his 1st or 2nd language? not saying anything bad i just think from his posts it looks that way making them tough to follow

  • "Safest investment" based on gambling? Not that I don't believe in your skills but it can't possibly work unless you are using AG 100% methods :v

  • @dvndr007
    In all gambling sites you have a negative expected value so you will lose everything in the long term.
    This can be proven mathematically with probability theory.

    It is obvious that you do not understand mathematics, if you did you would realize how insanely stupid this asset is.

    Gambler's Ruin - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gambler's_ruin
    "Another common meaning is that a persistent gambler with finite wealth, playing a fair game (that is, each bet has expected value zero to both sides) will eventually and inevitably go broke against an opponent with infinite wealth."

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    hey iknow0 ,hyzi0 , falcon , RichBC - Please check it i said i am in profit but i will not play there and investing in casinos means buying casino shares not gamble there please be optimist.

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    @RichBC 50% outside burst means i will trade in safe way like between exchanges if i found some price difference its better than trading within exchange and buy casino shares outside burst thats more profitable than lending etc and more secure than exchange. i will invest only where minimum risk is there no gambling ever happen only little bit trading and mostly investing where i found its generating good income!!

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    @falconCoin Thanks for reading it several times and i am not using any translator lolz and english is my 2nd language but not first language read several more time by changing mind completely you found it interesting!!

  • @dvndr007 i know it can be tough, i lived in mexico for 12 years and my spanish can be dicey at times too lol

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    @Hyzi0 Gambling is never ever safest and i will never ever gamble even theres full proof 100% winning method. its bit misunderstanding created i invest like buying casino share but not betting there . i will go full safe as much as i can go !!

  • Ah, so you invest in casinos? Got me confused, I thought you gambled at casinos, Thanks for clearing this up!

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    @iKnow0 only win in gambling is take profit and leave never look back and i will never ever take that risk i will invest in casino means i will buy casino shares not even a single bet i will place with investors money!!

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    @HiDevin yes sir exactly there is not only burst casino who give there share in public there are many other casinos outside burst where they give there shares in public i will invest there by buying there shares and like everyone know casinos never loose so its minimum risk investment !!

  • @dvndr007 I see where you going with this, but that " casinos never lose " part, brings me back when BurstCasino bankrupted, just shakes me a bit, though I haven't seen a bitcoin gambling site that I know, go bankrupt yet, so GL on ur asset 🙂

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    @HiDevin Thankyou i will give my best to investors i had tried manythings with my money only investment i found profitable where i got good profits i will only invest in there!! i will never invest in assets where i never invested before.

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    Here are some screenshots to get idea of how much profit we get in casino investment and on compound interest programe!!
    0_1496904480414_Screen Shot 2017-06-08 at 12.12.55 PM.png

    0_1496904529231_Screen Shot 2017-06-08 at 12.15.07 PM.png

    NOTE -- Compound interest programe will be rare because paypal put on hold of funds for one month so its very rare and not used untill we got abundance to keep them on hold.
    i am using latest mac os sierra on brand new macbook pro with all securities installed so any way to hack or any loss anywhere is almost impossible!!

  • @dvndr007 OK just to say that this may be a good Asset it may be a bad one, however what I do know is that I do not understand it, and have learnt over the Years to not invest in things that I do not understand.

    So as they say on Dragons Den. Good luck but I am out.


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    @RichBC everything is crystal clear and let me know if i can help you in anything i will do my best to explain everything in best possible way to everyone then it comes to choices what you choose to invest. my asset is diversified in crypto its not limited to burst i will take profit whereever i found it by going safest possible way i had gone through every asset and ideas i only choose safest and different ideas in my asset to secure investors in almost all conditions.
    now a days there are not much investers left i can see and every asset going through it this is my one step to regain investors interest and provide them something outstanding opportunity to try out !!

  • @dvndr007 With respect you have given very skimpy information about how you intend to invest the Shareholder money. So I will just repeat what I have said which is that this Asset is too complex and with too many possibilities, variables, unknowns and risks for me to want to understand it any further.

    My advice would be to not at this point to release the Asset but to start posting information and numbers about your current trading and investing to build understanding and investor confidence. (EDIT.Reading the OP again I see that this is what you are planning, so well done 🙂

    2nd EDIT have just put in the Asset ID and I see that you have 10,000 Shares for Sale so I am afraid that I have misunderstood what you said here.

    [No Asset will be issued for next one month only performance will be noticed

    So I am afraid that this just confirms that it's too difficult to understand this Asset.

    Also what is your answer to the age old question. If you are this good at trading and Investing why do you want to share any of the profit?

    I will leave it to others to ask further questions and to try and understand the details.

    Good luck


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    @RichBC 50% i decided to invest in burst asset exchange that include buying low selling high and take dividends. i had studied many assets too deep i will only invest in their by contacting issuers and with my experience where i found quality and i will remain in contact with issuer to deal with asset likely so there is lot of work i will do with my own assets too till now its almost one year luckily i never got scamed here and earned alot in burst AE thats beyond my imagination so its my confidence i will do great in burst AE. here is no history so i am unable to post screen shots.
    i still know when mikethemug asset comes out he first publish in casino i bought some of it and then he publish here and it got ruined no one know him much the value gone too much down and then i saw his comment like peeps are going to regret who didnt buy it thats where i catch him and invest all my burst in mikethemug then again before payout that asset is not sold out even half he gave one more statement i sense him what he want to say and deposited more to buy more coz i know this is going to rock out but cant imagine in that way. then on payout day i saw he gave more than 100% ROI on first divi my whole investment even more he gave back to me community gone crazy they are buying it hard price gone above 30 in seconds and thats where i exit and sold all of my assets i bought at 10. so thats how i work after that day i never invested a single penny in burst only playing with profits and multiplied it many times.
    50% i will choose to invest outside burst above i provided screenshots what i will do to take a bit idea of how it works!! first screenshot is casino investment its better than lending in all way what i do of still money to generate some passive income and if you check out burst prices or any other crypto between exchanges you found there is price difference its simple buy on one exchange and sell it on other its easy profit .
    thats all i will do with investment i will even provide screenshots of whats happening when i do trading or investing.