[ANN] Kohinoor Asset- Safest Investment Asset !! - SCAM! Do not purchase.

  • @falconCoin I can assure you there is no partnership here, I am merely a Shareholder keeping a careful watch on his Asset.

    I also think we should be making more but not because the numbers are being fiddled or because @dvndr007 is taking more than he proposed in the OP, as you continue to suggest.

    Put simply Burst Asset Trading has dried up and Trading "Outside Burst" does not seem to have got going in sufficient volume to utilise the increased Asset Capital.

    But and it's a very important but. There is nothing wrong with any of the reported numbers, and trust me I have had a very close look.

    Well done on how your Asset is performing, but as this is not the right thread and I am not a Shareholder, that is not for discussion here.


  • @RichBC


    NOT oh look this is how well my asset is doing...

    well good luck you two's asset... Peace out!

    EDIT: in reference to my screenshots

  • @falconCoin What a short memory you have, earlier you posted.

    in comparison my last 3 weeks were 31,400 + with ONLY 84,000 - 86,000 Burst in investment money. as of last weeks payout..

    Anyway as I said, and meant. Well done.

    Now let's get back to worrying about how to make the most out of Bitconnect before the Dividends dry up. :-)


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    @RichBC said in [ANN] Kohinoor Asset- Safest Investment Asset[205% ROI in First Month]!!:

    would be good if you could outline your plans for Trading on Bittrex & Polo?

    we are trading 75% in top 100 assets and 25% in other undervalued assets with more than 2yr old but undervalued and show nice pump when btc fall this is a little stretegy i share but there is alot insider thats better if remain secret!!

  • @dvndr007 OK could you at each Dividend Payout give us a breakdown of where the Weeks profits have come from.

    Burst Asset Dividends
    Burst Asset Trading
    Non Burst Asset Trading


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    @RichBC Actully this asset is based on work if i waste most of time in deep caculations that consume our most of trading time allocated to asset when i payout i just calculate whole amount - investment =profit

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    @RichBC and we never ever use any kind bot for trading this asset is based on manual trading only !!

  • @dvndr007 said in [ANN] Kohinoor Asset- Safest Investment Asset[205% ROI in First Month]!!:

    @RichBC Actully this asset is based on work if i waste most of time in deep caculations that consume our most of trading time allocated to asset when i payout i just calculate whole amount - investment =profit

    But surely you must track your Trading in order to monitor which Trades are profitable and which ones are not? All I am asking for is not a blow by blow account, merely a Weekly summary.

    I would like to see three numbers as I have listed above however In practice we can see all the Burst Trading and Dividends, so most important for me is the Profit you have made from the Non Burst Trading.

    I cannot see that providing a number for that is going to "waste most of time in deep caculations"?

    Oh and I do not mind if you use a Bot, so long as it's good at it's job.


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    Low dividend this week dont worry its a sign of something great is coming!!
    Amount paid, Account, TX
    537.15748685, BURST-WKZ8-K7CG-XAV7-9TTAS, 16358642029218323767
    404.7882646, BURST-DR8J-F5NF-B923-CKTR8, 11459052724772609736
    103.79186272, BURST-57NZ-HHDJ-3RC9-5BZG6, 17585349247168553006
    69.19457515, BURST-9GFJ-XN64-BJC2-42CZ4, 2150576052486795787
    58.26183227, BURST-NGGP-LZ2G-BPC2-8DKGE, 6860511506727656785
    54.52532521, BURST-ACGB-YGHQ-G9ZL-5XD7U, 16817469504512184210
    40.40963188, BURST-N996-XNNG-PVR2-63XMN, 10600413296239942258
    34.59728757, BURST-YXHF-7S8F-69VX-4XLUL, 5243887210167583430
    20.75837254, BURST-UJVB-DL99-38HE-ABCXQ, 17732920056407922310
    17.43703294, BURST-H8MD-BJ2Y-U8ZK-GJC7Q, 17161003831321890994
    14.53086078, BURST-T5AW-PVFV-FBJB-F2B3F, 11353998715894819477
    13.83891503, BURST-DMHB-PKNT-JEXZ-3Q39W, 10583111753506412201
    13.83891503, BURST-K6EW-XD34-56JS-8CW9S, 4559932211825304902
    10.37918627, BURST-FKHT-J2EN-SZZE-2LEYT, 2963573418784627830
    10.37918627, BURST-XN74-BMV5-LNLF-F577B, 132233625582746047
    10.37918627, BURST-CRJ3-VUUF-HX5E-G99TC, 17961512422946422708
    9.34126764, BURST-7LY2-R35G-YR8E-H3YKG, 7141057782563500057
    8.64932189, BURST-HV2P-CQWA-FG25-8FRLV, 13214973605399986725
    8.30334902, BURST-37RB-NT8M-TEQC-2P8SK, 4408586024741741557
    8.30334902, BURST-X3DK-Y3GV-QY2E-G8R8H, 1386181629649202486
    7.61140327, BURST-558A-QVJS-7B3S-G4H43, 11323863979046051864
    6.91945751, BURST-SEMD-3ZTR-YESW-8T342, 13354565395773555275
    6.91945751, BURST-HXWG-DMBT-2Q4H-B3GRF, 5203165138425584201
    6.78106836, BURST-VCQU-HWZ6-6JDM-3D2MM, 10352945420825790185
    4.49764738, BURST-KPY9-W488-DTJ4-7JEUK, 8276083123323233350
    4.15167451, BURST-9M64-NSA3-WVZH-3FQKF, 74198150901488863
    3.45972876, BURST-R7JQ-28SG-RJPJ-FNGKG, 13972730614597773442
    2.49100471, BURST-RKW5-ZVFT-JU69-6X4JC, 4313970710267389388
    2.07583725, BURST-7DZS-T2QJ-RG8B-5638M, 16528941647443057525
    1.3838915, BURST-MU24-3HLN-D44J-EGW4N, 10794234019276909036
    1.1071132, BURST-UJ9B-B93H-BPP9-4SNWK, 17247885332803206800
    0.69194575, BURST-V5NB-M34T-LEXV-2FPH8, 12707304611032285117
    0.69194575, BURST-2K3R-FLUT-GZ94-H6ACX, 6899759890531444874
    0.69194575, BURST-YFV6-TQ6G-SS2R-CAQQ7, 17806927520416881215
    0.69194575, BURST-D8ML-KNN8-8AL7-GEANK, 8980882200546238979
    0.34597288, BURST-NW4A-EUY5-4LKF-E4Y5P, 11064520284831880169
    0.2767783, BURST-X52A-UQJY-FRGE-E2ZMZ, 15767348715933659196
    0.20758373, BURST-U857-NR4V-4P3D-BCA9K, 9581657799925789549
    0.06919458, BURST-JBA8-7DUR-MFGH-C4JCT, 14427914213329289858
    0.06919458, BURST-GLLM-MUYG-7PR3-HV4NK, 8528472624824936894
    ------------All transactions processed------------

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    @RichBC said in [ANN] Kohinoor Asset- Safest Investment Asset[205% ROI in First Month]!!:

    I would like to see three numbers as I have listed above however In practice we can see all the Burst Trading and Dividends, so most important for me is the Profit you have made from the Non Burst Trading.

    yes for sure i ll provide summary for outside burst profits!!

    @RichBC said in [ANN] Kohinoor Asset- Safest Investment Asset[205% ROI in First Month]!!:

    Oh and I do not mind if you use a Bot, so long as it's good at it's job.

    You dont know but if you research 90% of bots failed in trading crypto!! its all bullshit if someone said we profiting from bots in long run i have nice experience in trading and manual trading is best in all way if bot failed our all money can get eat up.
    I believe if any trader say i am using bot then he is 100% not a trader!!

  • @dvndr007 I am happy for you to Trade in whatever way you find most reliable and profitable, however although I have never used one I suspect there are some very good Trading Bots out there.....


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    4000 Bursts for payouts!!
    our almost all profit is from trading outside burst!!

    KOHINOOR (7509020767882905849) Total found assets: 1000000, Assets to be distributed: 21903
    Summary of proposed distribution of 3200BURST to 40
    Based on asset holders at timestamp 97778711 (Fri, 30 Dec 2016 04:45:11 GMT)

    Number of assets, Account, Payout amount
    7763, BURST-WKZ8-K7CG-XAV7-9TTAS, 1134.16426973
    5850, BURST-DR8J-F5NF-B923-CKTR8, 854.67744145
    1500, BURST-57NZ-HHDJ-3RC9-5BZG6, 219.14806191
    1000, BURST-9GFJ-XN64-BJC2-42CZ4, 146.09870794
    842, BURST-NGGP-LZ2G-BPC2-8DKGE, 123.01511209
    788, BURST-ACGB-YGHQ-G9ZL-5XD7U, 115.12578186
    584, BURST-N996-XNNG-PVR2-63XMN, 85.32164544
    500, BURST-YXHF-7S8F-69VX-4XLUL, 73.04935397
    345, BURST-37RB-NT8M-TEQC-2P8SK, 50.40405424
    300, BURST-UJVB-DL99-38HE-ABCXQ, 43.82961238
    252, BURST-H8MD-BJ2Y-U8ZK-GJC7Q, 36.8168744
    210, BURST-T5AW-PVFV-FBJB-F2B3F, 30.68072867
    200, BURST-DMHB-PKNT-JEXZ-3Q39W, 29.21974159
    200, BURST-K6EW-XD34-56JS-8CW9S, 29.21974159
    150, BURST-FKHT-J2EN-SZZE-2LEYT, 21.91480619
    150, BURST-XN74-BMV5-LNLF-F577B, 21.91480619
    150, BURST-CRJ3-VUUF-HX5E-G99TC, 21.91480619
    135, BURST-7LY2-R35G-YR8E-H3YKG, 19.72332557
    125, BURST-HV2P-CQWA-FG25-8FRLV, 18.26233849
    120, BURST-X3DK-Y3GV-QY2E-G8R8H, 17.53184495
    110, BURST-558A-QVJS-7B3S-G4H43, 16.07085787
    100, BURST-SEMD-3ZTR-YESW-8T342, 14.60987079
    100, BURST-HXWG-DMBT-2Q4H-B3GRF, 14.60987079
    98, BURST-VCQU-HWZ6-6JDM-3D2MM, 14.31767338
    65, BURST-KPY9-W488-DTJ4-7JEUK, 9.49641602
    60, BURST-9M64-NSA3-WVZH-3FQKF, 8.76592248
    50, BURST-R7JQ-28SG-RJPJ-FNGKG, 7.3049354
    36, BURST-RKW5-ZVFT-JU69-6X4JC, 5.25955349
    30, BURST-7DZS-T2QJ-RG8B-5638M, 4.38296124
    20, BURST-MU24-3HLN-D44J-EGW4N, 2.92197416
    16, BURST-UJ9B-B93H-BPP9-4SNWK, 2.33757933
    10, BURST-V5NB-M34T-LEXV-2FPH8, 1.46098708
    10, BURST-2K3R-FLUT-GZ94-H6ACX, 1.46098708
    10, BURST-YFV6-TQ6G-SS2R-CAQQ7, 1.46098708
    10, BURST-D8ML-KNN8-8AL7-GEANK, 1.46098708
    5, BURST-NW4A-EUY5-4LKF-E4Y5P, 0.73049354
    4, BURST-X52A-UQJY-FRGE-E2ZMZ, 0.58439483
    3, BURST-U857-NR4V-4P3D-BCA9K, 0.43829612
    1, BURST-JBA8-7DUR-MFGH-C4JCT, 0.14609871
    1, BURST-GLLM-MUYG-7PR3-HV4NK, 0.14609871

    Amount paid, Account, TX
    1134.16426973, BURST-WKZ8-K7CG-XAV7-9TTAS, 14822986277855971424
    854.67744145, BURST-DR8J-F5NF-B923-CKTR8, 12061719955176330323
    219.14806191, BURST-57NZ-HHDJ-3RC9-5BZG6, 3343483391388661925
    146.09870794, BURST-9GFJ-XN64-BJC2-42CZ4, 5935806715987925761
    123.01511209, BURST-NGGP-LZ2G-BPC2-8DKGE, 13820405987947636733
    115.12578186, BURST-ACGB-YGHQ-G9ZL-5XD7U, 4138420120465795469
    85.32164544, BURST-N996-XNNG-PVR2-63XMN, 16939357611032164856
    73.04935397, BURST-YXHF-7S8F-69VX-4XLUL, 6783058195698716762
    50.40405424, BURST-37RB-NT8M-TEQC-2P8SK, 5158429882432646435
    43.82961238, BURST-UJVB-DL99-38HE-ABCXQ, 2260372966026221383
    36.8168744, BURST-H8MD-BJ2Y-U8ZK-GJC7Q, 5911563915936759446
    30.68072867, BURST-T5AW-PVFV-FBJB-F2B3F, 7595004202770089364
    29.21974159, BURST-DMHB-PKNT-JEXZ-3Q39W, 13260688668583476535
    29.21974159, BURST-K6EW-XD34-56JS-8CW9S, 9880698773550440019
    21.91480619, BURST-FKHT-J2EN-SZZE-2LEYT, 14706159402518706189
    21.91480619, BURST-XN74-BMV5-LNLF-F577B, 11941000427583184482
    21.91480619, BURST-CRJ3-VUUF-HX5E-G99TC, 8214326721218800148
    19.72332557, BURST-7LY2-R35G-YR8E-H3YKG, 1525229446988012067
    18.26233849, BURST-HV2P-CQWA-FG25-8FRLV, 16115912088799488271
    17.53184495, BURST-X3DK-Y3GV-QY2E-G8R8H, 17476269536394708075
    16.07085787, BURST-558A-QVJS-7B3S-G4H43, 9063570833764461085
    14.60987079, BURST-SEMD-3ZTR-YESW-8T342, 15803636754918993086
    14.60987079, BURST-HXWG-DMBT-2Q4H-B3GRF, 14822279140770511286
    14.31767338, BURST-VCQU-HWZ6-6JDM-3D2MM, 5227568721982882204
    9.49641602, BURST-KPY9-W488-DTJ4-7JEUK, 7447212514419107562
    8.76592248, BURST-9M64-NSA3-WVZH-3FQKF, 10523792153543062599
    7.3049354, BURST-R7JQ-28SG-RJPJ-FNGKG, 5318977273165098352
    5.25955349, BURST-RKW5-ZVFT-JU69-6X4JC, 10777094210831044020
    4.38296124, BURST-7DZS-T2QJ-RG8B-5638M, 4165472471454001355
    2.92197416, BURST-MU24-3HLN-D44J-EGW4N, 6605088359941752270
    2.33757933, BURST-UJ9B-B93H-BPP9-4SNWK, 11100183046116767379
    1.46098708, BURST-V5NB-M34T-LEXV-2FPH8, 3826232793296081072
    1.46098708, BURST-2K3R-FLUT-GZ94-H6ACX, 13103402100188142155
    1.46098708, BURST-YFV6-TQ6G-SS2R-CAQQ7, 10123059882624662266
    1.46098708, BURST-D8ML-KNN8-8AL7-GEANK, 8862837064731053152
    0.73049354, BURST-NW4A-EUY5-4LKF-E4Y5P, 5525935626572508837
    0.58439483, BURST-X52A-UQJY-FRGE-E2ZMZ, 15765956047957710576
    0.43829612, BURST-U857-NR4V-4P3D-BCA9K, 5359705815498228391
    0.14609871, BURST-JBA8-7DUR-MFGH-C4JCT, 17180636580370909305
    0.14609871, BURST-GLLM-MUYG-7PR3-HV4NK, 7112242783638909364
    ------------All transactions processed------------

  • your insider trading "secrets" that you cant share , netted us a WHOLE big 4000 burst coins this week? watch out wall street!

    so im confused here, imagine that.... above you said you do NOT personally own any shares.... and here it shows you do not

    0_1505524541492_no assets.png

    But how strange that your in the payout?

    0_1505524565243_paid out.png

    and here is your personal wallet again
    0_1505524673407_wallet 23.png

    also got to love all that coin moving around from POLO and Bittrex...

    Now funny how you had it just in time to get paid out 800 out of 4000 Burst! and not even being a asset holder yourself...

    @dvndr007 said in [ANN] Kohinoor Asset- Safest Investment Asset[205% ROI in First Month]!!:

    @HiDevin said in [ANN] Kohinoor Asset- Safest Investment Asset!!:

    @dvndr007 sorry, I meant that you have a lot invested into this yourself, providing a big ROI for investors :P

    sorry to say you are wrong in this i have not invested even a single burst in my asset myself, if you found a single proof which tells i invested myself in my asset i will reward you with 10k bursts right now !!

    does that mean i get 10k ??

    Plus were you not the one complaining about others buying your asset just b4 dividend day getting dividend and selling? Hypocrite or ??????

    so we see you got 800 out of 4000 Burst ... but we then see 10,000 moved to the pay out wallet from Bittrex


    what is also odd is the balance even after the 4000 paid out says you have 9 BURST which means 6000 ish just wasn't paid out, any reason why?

  • Banned

    @falconCoin Can you plz shutup and get lost!! i told you thousand times investors get paid 80%. 20%are fees same question again and again you need a serious treatment contact doctor instead of contcting me !!

  • admin

    @dvndr007 Can you please explain the transactions? Your post does not validate the transactions, and like @falconCoin I'd like some detailed explanations.

  • @falconCoin Hey dude, I was actually pretty happy with my ROI. I invested and bought 345 [email protected] 10 burst a piece. Cost 3450 burst. This week net me 50 burst payout. assuming that is a average week, that is a 75%ROI in a year. Now of course i would always love more, but that seems better than most investments.
    I actually was going to buy into talon power today, and initially put in a buy for 10 bucks (which i cancelled) but i saw that the price per share is currently roughly 10 share but the roi did not appear to be the same return.
    Was i mixed up, am i mixed up? (i have been drinking, it is friday)

  • what about here??

    looks here as if you skimmed 409+ Burst off the top

    0_1505538966804_wallet 23.png

    so much activity from so many wallets and commingling of funds just causes all of this confusion...

    we do not know whats actually in Bittrex and Polo that is the assets or his personal...

    no breakdown at all where even the 4000 came from or where the 6000 went that was leftover from the 10,000 he sent from the assets other wallet.

    maybe if someone could explain to him, that having all these funds co-mingling is confusing and well very well frowned upon and illegal in most cases.

    heck im very curious how this 4000 was even calculated...

  • Banned

    @haitch What explanation you want let me know??

  • @Jaxblack you can ask questions on my asset in my thread wed love to have ya

  • Banned

    @haitch what falcon is doing is spamming you should ban him and instead you like it wow cool good job??

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