[Wallet Feature Request] - Transaction history

  • Transaction history is a little short (imo) in the Transactions view. Can we add this to the dev backlog please?

    The Burst wallet software shall support displaying the entire transaction history of the authenticated wallet address within the "Transactions" view.
    Comment: Suggested design choices:

    • Drop-down menu with #of transactions to display (e.g. 50, 100, 200, All)
    • Implement "page-selector" control, such that users can "page through" transaction history (e.g. 100 transactions/page)

    Criticality: Low (I'm assuming, as this is only UI work)
    Priority: Low (I'd like to say medium :D )

    A dev comment (or similar) to confirm would be tits. Thanks!

  • @IncludeBeer just looked into what API can supply :) it is possible, i will try to keep it in mind to try and make at some point into the wallet UI i am working at the moment :)

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