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    Due to the explosiion in the number of miners in Burst, we've created a third and fourth pool, and will be bringing out a fifth soon. We'd appreciate it if you can migrate between pools to try and balance them out. Too much capacity on one/two pools causes problems for the coins, and miners - namely forks occur and the pools end up looking for different targets. By distributing the mining capacities across multiple pools this problem is avoided.

    Note thatboth the pools are brand new, and there might be a few teething issues - but no miner is going to lose any Burst - I'll personally pay anyone affected by an issue.

    Note also that as I don't want to mess with the DB - anyone currently mining on may get a double/triple payout. That won't be affected if you jump to one of the new pools

    To mine on, set your reward assignment to: BURST-6WVW-2WVD-YXE5-EZBHU and point your miner to . For the reward assignment is: BURST-7Z2V-J9CF-NCW9-HWFRY and the website is


  • @haitch with 4.9TB it is good to mine on i have to download full blockchain in local wallet to mining or can mining with windows cliente online version?? what is the diference??

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    @burstcoinPT You can use the online wallet. The only difference between the online and offline wallets is a matter of trust. Theoretically I could mess with your account on the online wallet - but I promise everyone, I'm not messing with anyones account. If you want to use an offline, local, wallet - download the 1.2.4 wallet, and then the up to date block chain from, and extract the zip file into <wallet dir>\burst_db

    4.9TB is fine for Because it's currently low capacity, any blocks that miners there find will pay very well. As the load distributes accross the multiple pools, you'll return to long term average payments, but in the short term there is the potential for higher than normal payouts.

  • I am trying to switch pools, but when I hit "Set reward assignment" I get a not found I am using the online wallet and how do we change pools ?

  • BURST-6WVW-2WVD-YXE5-EZBHU not in blockchain yet

    {"errorDescription":"recipient account does not have public key","errorCode":8,"requestProcessingTime":0}

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    @Blago It should have a public key - have done a name assignment and was able to assign two of my miners to the pool. BURST-6WVW-2WVD-YXE5-EZBHU

  • Just waiting on the 4 block switch over... hardest part! LOL

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    @Dedsyte - You had no issues doing the reward assignment? I'm wondering if those that are having an issue have a stuck wallet.

    If you're having a problem, goto and do the assignment there.


  • @haitch I was able to switch. I will say tho that the new wallet seems to crash like once a day, sometimes more...

    Hopefully it gets better after block 250000 when everyone has to switch to 1.2.4. It seems like not many people have switched.

  • I just changed pools so I'm still waiting for the 4 block "16 minute" waiting period. I just added the burst address to the reward recipient and then pasted the pool.burstcoin .biz address in the pool selection box and I'm waiting ...

  • I changed the assignment but I am getting this "Unable to get mining info from wallet: null"

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    @crutsy One instance of the wallet had issues for me, but the 5 others have been rock solid. I suspect it's an issue with dealing with forks, and distributing the load through multiple pools will help.

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    @abansb - which miner are you using ?

  • jminer 0.4.4

  • I'm moving over my Android Development Miner (BURST-Q7JT-EDPJ-NGAU-GJTLJ). He is used to fund the Android development I'm doing with daWallet. Started with 200GB on Wednesday, Upgraded to 400GB plot total on Friday, in the process of upgrading to 600GB now. Come on new pool, daddy needs some funds for assets 🙂


    PS> I'll rename him after he gets his first payout, down to 1 burst left.

  • @haitch said:


    is this listed in the all in one miner??

  • @haitch It looks like the online wallet has also crashed about the same time my local wallet did. Please check online wallet.

    Also shouldn't ninja pool have won current round 5 min ago?

  • {"errorDescription":"Not allowed","errorCode":7}

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    @crutsy I think we're on a fork again - ninja thinks it's won it, but the other wallets are rejecting it's deadline. It's quite possible though that the Ninja DL that's being rejected will become the "alive" chain due to the power of Ninja's pool. This is why we need to break up the power.

  • @haitch Agreed... How are we on getting the exchanges and all the pools updated to 1.2.4?

    This was a problem last time I remember having issues with bittrex not knowing about the fork.

    It is my understanding that this will help. If all the big wallets are updated right away.