Jota Jota's Business Investment - Be a private Investor!

  • Hello everyone! I'm here for almost a year and I always wanted to start an asset. I've tried, but these days, I see people scared about the AE. So I'm opening my business to private investors. I mine Burst, I trade crypto for quite some time, but I have a particular hobby that I really enjoy. I buy and sell collectibles, retrogames, paintings/sculptures, arts pieces, musical instruments, and other kind of items.

    What I do is quite simple: I take my money and the investors money, buy items, sell them with a price variation, and distribute the profits. Currently, I'm reinvesting the base, and a small part of the profits, like 15%, the other part I distribute to the investors.

    If you want more details, just send me a message. I can give you more information, like the profits that I had in the last years.

    Important note: The profits are calculated in FIAT. So if Burst raises the profits will be smaller, if price drops, the profits will be larger.

    If you fell insecure, no problem, you don't need to invest. But I'm here for the long term, I'm verified by Haitch, and some people here know all my personal data.

    My Burst adress is: BURST-WT7J-2LPQ-ALRU-CGLUH. The minimum investment is 1000 Burst. The profits can be given monthly or bi-monthly.

    If you want to invest or discuss more about it, I'm here. Remember: This is a long term investment. I like my hobby, it works, and I'm planning to increase it over the years.

    Thank you for the attention!

  • Will there be an asset associated with it? i would buy couple shares (1000 is a fair amount these days) 😃

  • @LithStud Hey friend! How are you? Long time no see huh? For private investors I'll ask this quantity. For now I'll now start an asset. 1k BURST is what I need to create it, so I think that's not too interesting. The people that trust me, will invest in the asset or directly. I have 4 friends and my own pockets in this project for now, but looks like more people are going to join in the future, in this hobby can get even more serious.

    Any other question, feel free to ask 😃

  • @JotaJota yeah been a while 🙂

    Well asking about asset mostly because it helps to track where i spent Burst 😃 so shoot me an id once its up 😉

    As asset you can also do such thing as no sell orders just filling the buy orders. This way controling the price too.

  • yeah I'd go asset too

  • Zap and Lith, I have some investors now, even without the asset. Don't know if spent 1k Burst creating the asset, is the best. Some people are investing in BURST and others in different cryptos. I'll still think about the asset, but for now, I'm managing this way.

    Thanks both of you for the interest 😃

  • Guys, I have confirmed investors in the community now. For anyone who wants to see pictures or more data, I'm providing for everyone interested, just pm me. (I don't know to post pictures here).

  • Update! New investors came for the project, so if anyone in the community still wants to come, there is some new things:

    • The minimum amount to join now is 25 dolars (you can join with BTC or other cryptos, preferential for BURST here in the community).

    • I had to do this since the project grew in the last weeks.

    • In the last months the ROI was 2.2% in April and 4.7% in May. Depends on the good I find and the trades I make.

    Any questions, just ask, or call me privately.

  • Today was the first payout for a member here in the forum. Almost 3% ROI in this last month. I'm still here for the long run 😃 Anyone interested, just send a message.