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  • Hey guys don't know if you all know about 1broker but they are a decent crypto/forex trading site. I made a killing last year shorting GBP when Brexit happened. Anyway they have a feature called trade copy where you can see the stats of other traders and copy their trades, all with the click of a button. Easy way to get into forex and indice trading using BTC and with trade copying you finally get to trade WITH the big guys instead of AGAINST them.

    Please use my ref link to sign up at 1broker and start today!


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    look nice will try it out !

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    they have no altcoins only btc

  • Obviously I can't guarantee that you will make a profit but with the trade copy function its pretty easy. The big institutional traders tend to not lose very often so as long as you copy their trades you will win just as often as the big boys do.

  • @dvndr007 they are a forex/index trading mostly with BTC/USD trading as well. The site is mainly meant to trade traditional stock indexs and forex markets but using BTC instead of USD.

    EXAMPLE: You can buy shares of Apple, Google, Amazon etc, or trade GBPUSD forex pairings all in BTC

  • @socal What kind of deposit do you need for an account? Inst. traders have huge trading budgets to work with and can hold onto trades for months even when the market is going against them.

  • i think minimum deposit is 0.0001 or 0.00001 BTC, you can keep trades open but if you use leverage then there are overnight financing fees so make sure you only keep trades open overnight on BIG moves

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