DL's not confirming

  • Hey guys. Since yesterday I see some weird thing at my mining screen. Found DL, ok; Sent DL, ok; but nothing about "Confirmed DL"... That means my submitted deadlines NOT being submitted by pool? I also tried to check pool website, but current shares and historic shares boxes are just empty, no data, no record, nothing.

    I am mining in burst team pool. I wonder if I mining in some different fork? Since burstcoin biz pool activated I read some post about fork. I didn't change any setting on my wallet, even wallet software says "there is no available online wallets" or something like that.

    Another probability: The damn government and the dictator blocked internet access (again) to google cache services and god knows what services else. Most of websites, mail services, faucets, we cannot open again. So the not confirmed DL's can because of this government's internet blockages?

  • @moonjeina any info? (Account_ID / Address / Name / Scrrenshot / Logs)

  • Let me wait the miner to find a DL, then I'll upload a screenshot

  • still waiting to find a DL, meanwhile I want to provide additional info.

    I am mining in burst-team pool, Jenn is the name, BURST-QRSN-NEY4-5Z9H-3BBDM is the address.

  • @Blago ok here the screenshot. As far as I know I should see "confirmed DL" line as well, but there is no confirmed DL message. Just found, sent, then thats it.


  • admin

    @moonjeina The thread that sends the confirmations is a low priority thread - the pool focuses on processing DL submissions. I checked the pool log for block 249654 and found:

    "account 1850180802985025300, block 249655 first best deadline 3345901, having waited for 0s"

    The entry indicates that your first deadline for the pool was 3345901, and it was queued for processing for 0 seconds. So even though you didn't get a confirm, the submission was processed and you got credit for it.


  • @haitch so as far as I understand, there is nothing to be worried about, right?

  • admin

    @moonjeina Yep, nothing to worry about - the pool is receiving and processing your deadlines, even if you don't get a confirmation.

  • @haitch so i've attached a screenshot of my unconfirmed deadlines as well, can you please check if the pool recieved it?

    0_1468100525297_Screen Shot 2016-07-09 at 11.39.25 PM.png

  • admin

    @mafia07 From the logs:

    account 5329469225907396682, block 249676 first best deadline 2427697, having waited for 0s
    account 5329469225907396682, block 249676 best deadline was 2427697 now 396775, having waited for 5s

    so your 2427697 was processed as your first deadline, then it was improved to 396775 - and the submission of 396775 took 5 seconds queued to process.

  • Ok, thank you for your speedy reply.

    Any idea why the miner is kicking out that "not confirmed" error?

  • admin

    @mafia07 Don't know sorry - I'd have expected a Not Confirmed after a time out, but the "Not Confirmed" occurs in the same second as the submission.

  • Regarding this topic of "NOT confirmed DL":

    I have read where you said that the confirmation is a lower priority function so sometimes the miner program does not get a confirmation. What I have seen is when I do not get a confirmation, I can go to the pool website and look in the list of the current shares and see my DL there. But then there are times when it is not there. If your deadline is not in the current share list does it mean your "NOT confirmed DL" didn't make it into the pool? If you need a screenshot I will try to grab one the next time I see that, Thanks.

  • OK, so is there some way to set Blago Miner to resend unconfirmed DL one or two times ?
    I'm asking this because when I restart the miner right after it reports unconfirmed DL, it starts with confirming it right away.