My BurstClient can see hard drive with plots

  • my windows detect hard drive but same drive can see Burst already try to plot that drive again but no result..... need help please....and thx

  • @Branislav sorry i do not understand, please explain again and provide lots of details with screenshots.

  • sorry for my bad english im already fix problem but also i have new problem.....when i start Jminer i got error Unable to get mining from wallet coused by ConnectionTimeOut curenttly 30 sec try increas it
    default is too fix it what is problem ? 😞
    ![0_1497568613004_Untitled.jpg](Uploading 100%)

  • Set the ConnectionTimeOut=90000. That is what I have now. If you still get the message, raise by 15000 increments until it responds. You can cut it down once it starts responding or your network speeds up a little.

    Good luck!

  • i try with 90000 and 15000 still i hawe same problem...i dont hawe problems with internet and my notebook is connected with lan cabel