[HELP] What should I do with Target deadline "N/A" ??

  • 0_1497284398579_Capture.PNG I am new here, I follow instruction that I found on youtube and don't know what should I do. I have already searched this topic but I give up :(

  • I think it means none of the deadlines you found are below the maximum deadline your pool accepts. I get it a LOT.

    Wait for more experienced miner to confirm my answer. I still am a noob :) .

  • admin

    @Reinaldo_SG Everything ok, with 129GB you will not find a deadline in every round ... only way to change that is more capacity or a pool with even higher targetDeadline ... if you find a deadline below given targetDeadline it will show up under best deadline.

  • Your Mining Capacity of 129GB won't get your a deadline that gets accepted by your current pool each round... either to wait for a luck and a deadline that is accepted by your pool.. our change to a pool that accepts all deadlines with no limit.

    but everything seems to work perfectly , happy mining ;).

  • @vmantilla @luxe @zack oh I see, so there is no problem with my setting right ?
    Maybe I should buy harddisk with more capacity, but dont have enough money :(
    any suggestion for better idea ?

  • The only things you can do is to join a pool geared towards smaller miners. Which means pools that accept longer deadlines and since 129GB of storage isn't that much considering how muc the netdiff has skyrocketed it might be worth it to invest in a 5TB drive for burst.

  • @Reinaldo_SG go on a scavenger hunt for old drives. :-)

  • Or, you could delete some no-longer-needed files from your current HDD.

    Good luck!

  • I'm having the same issue. Thanks for @manfromafar and @zack as well as @luxe --- I'm now more confident I have my op set up properly, but I'm just not catching a deadline. Currently, have 2.159 TB plotted.

    edit: I caught a deadline just now but our pool rejected it. Still nice to see a deadline on my mining screen.