Plot every single nonce or change SN based on disk number?

  • I've read conflicting recommendations on in threads vs conversations in discord so I'm hoping someone better versed can help

    Is it better to try and plot ever single nonce, leave no stone unturned?


    Adjust the Start Nonce based on the drive number to avoid overlapping at all cost?

    Using a start nonce of 10000000000 or 20000000000 for drive 1 or 2 seems to make from an operational standpoint. Replacing drives & plots could be as easy as a label or sharpie as opposed to a spreadsheet.

    Made the mistake of jumping in head first and plotting several drives on several machines concurrently. Couple days later I had a bunch of overlapping plots.

    Now I'm wanting to do things "the right way" this time and develop a system for the next 10 disks waiting to plot.

  • @69RadDad69 The nonces counting is regarding to the account you are plotting to, not the PC you are using... I believe this was the reason of your overlapping! Using 10000000000 or 20000000000 for drive 1 or 2 you should never overlap anything but when you go to the second machine you cant start from the beggining again, you have to countinue the count... xD

  • Thanks for the quick reply. I overlapped because I plotted using the AIO wallet on multiple machines, all the same account ID, all starting at "zero". When the drives finished, they were basically clones of each other.

    The question now is: do I plot every single nonce possible or adjust the starting nonce as an identifier in disks? Is there a mining benefit to having every nonce in your plot? My concern is "missing" something in the gaps between nonces created when I plot a new drive and start at 8000000000 instead of the exact nonce I left off at on the last drive

  • i am interested to know ..

    if filling in ALL the nonces per sequence is better to mine than being random and never full..

    I currently have a mess of nonces.. nothing overlapping ( made sure of that) but as i add capacity should i go back and fill them in.. ?

    currently at 33.5tb have another 7.2tb coming that i will either fill gaps or continue my random cluster mess.

    please inform.. 🙂

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    Making your plots sequential or having gaps doesn't matter. Your probability of winning a block is based on the number of nonces, not how they're spaced.

    Like a lottery - it doesn't matter if you have 10,000 sequential tickets, or 10,000 random tickets - as long as they don't overlap, your probability of winning is the same.

  • @darindarin From the best of my knowledge, theres nothing wrong with the gaps... The number of nonces is just an index that identify that allocated 4 Mb's of the file.
    the index doesn't matter and i think it's max number is at around 10-20 Pb, so you won't run out of nonces to plot almost for sure xP

    @69RadDad69 Exactly what I thought hahaha
    Just make sure you plot manually or use different accounts for each machine 😉

  • onward with the random nonce chaos ! thanks guys

  • @darindarin I was concerned with the same thing, filling in the gaps. It sounds like what matters is the overall plot size, not the actual nonces themselves. This makes plotting drives and eventual replacement, much simpler.

    Thanks for the quick replies folks!

  • @haitch can you ever run out of nonces and if so at what capacity? haha

  • @69RadDad69 im really happy sequence doesnt matter....

  • @darindarin said in Plot every single nonce or change SN based on disk number?:

    @haitch can you ever run out of nonces and if so at what capacity? haha

    Just plot a couple of nonces with the index 999999999999999999999999999999999999 and make it mine... The miner will throw an error at you with the max nonce index... I know I did this a while ago and it was something over 10Pb wich is a really high number... at this point is equal to 20%-25% of the entire network so this number is pretty big

  • @darindarin From what I remember it's a ReallyBigNumberTM as the max nonce 18446744073709551613

    Something on the order of 4722366482 PB if I mathed correctly.

    From here:

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    @darindarin said in Plot every single nonce or change SN based on disk number?:

    @haitch can you ever run out of nonces and if so at what capacity? haha

    There is a max nonce number, but from memory it so many yottabytes that it exceeds the total storage on earth - per account.

  • @captinkid Thanks for pulling the number xD
    18446744073709551613 / 4096 = 4503599627370495.999267578125 Gb
    4503599627370495.999267578125 / 1024 / 1024 = 4'294'967'296 Pb

    @darindarin Looks I was doing the math way below LOL

  • for an old thread this saved my day, thank you