More USB 3.0 Ports, or user a GPU?

  • So, I currently have a rig with 1x1.5TB internal hdd (plus OS hdd), and 8x8TB external hdds mining. I have 4 externals through a 2 port pcie x1 card, and 4 externals off of the two motherboard ports (2 of the externals are the segates that come with hubs). Before I start switching everything around all over the place, from experience, should I be moving to a GPU miner now to keep scan times lower, or add more USB cards? I have an i5-3550K in the rig, and all it does is mine...I think 8GB memory.

    The CPU usage after scanning usually is 40-50% per drive, but since they are concurrently scanning, the CPU is being maxed out right?

    If I need a GPU, how old can I go with this? I usually grab as much parts as I can out of my recycling business instead of buying new ones.

  • @ryanw view the CPU usage though the Task Manager while mining, if its close to 100% then its becoming a bottleneck.

    Note: If you do go for a GPU, you will need to have windows 10, as 7 & 8 have caching issues with the GPU miner.

    If you can find a GPU, AMD is usually better, but try what you find and compare it against the CPU read speed, any improvement will bring in a little extra Burst. Even and old GPU will do well because of the number of cores.
    Good luck with your build!

  • Yep, there it went maxing out the CPU. I was hoping I wouldn't have to upgrade this one to windows's the last computer I have running 7, but oh well! I guess I had to do it sooner or later...

  • @iKnow0 Do you think it would matter if I started using a GPU to mine, if I switched to a crappy cpu so I could use this one for another rig? I think I have a 2nd gen i3 around here somewhere...

  • @ryanw you can still do a free upgrade from Win7 to Win10

  • @ryanw said in More USB 3.0 Ports, or user a GPU?:

    @iKnow0 Do you think it would matter if I started using a GPU to mine, if I switched to a crappy cpu so I could use this one for another rig? I think I have a 2nd gen i3 around here somewhere...

    I beat you to it 😉

  • @ryanw When it comes to Burst,

    1st Capacity
    2nd Read speed

    How you do it is up to you...

  • @iKnow0 I found an ATI Radeon HD 4950 in a box, that someone zip tied a fan to the top of as a replacement I guess. Looks like it had gotten wet as well, but we'll give it a try later today!

  • @ryanw put it in rice, to dry it out.

  • @iKnow0 It's dry, just water spots all over it.

  • @ryanw try it in an older different mother first, as it might fry your good one.

  • @iKnow0 Does CPU matter when when using the CPU? Should I leave the i5 in, or can I switch to i3?

  • @ryanw do you mean GPU? if the CPU socket supports both i5 & i3 then you can switch. When GPU mining both the CPU and GPU are used.

  • @iKnow0 Ok I will switch to an i3 and see what cpu usage is while mining. Maybe switch, maybe not.

  • So, just an updated on this. The HD 4950 was an AGP card?! Didn't even look at the connector. So, I found another AMD...tested it, then installed in mining rig. Drivers installed, check, run creepminer...json errors. I ended up rebooting to make sure all the drivers were ok, then no display from anywhere...not even the newly installed card. I remembered that this motherboard refused to display any AMD cards I had tried in the past...which is why this was a Burst miner.

    So, all I did was upgrade to Win 10 which decreased the scan times a little bit. I will leave it as it is, and make another build to switch the drives to eventually.

  • @ryanw You have this ones - Seagate Backup Plus Hub 8TB which uses SMR technology?
    I have 10 internal hdds plus 2 external drives, with an old AMD Phenom II X6 1055T
    So mining speed with Blago miner - for all disks, including 1 external 20-30 sec maximum.
    And only this Seagate 8TB - doing in 67 sec.

    I think the problem with this SMR technology, waiting for my USB controller to make tests.

    And on the other pc, i have Xeon e5-2660, with 10 disks, same speed in seconds and MBytes.