Sudden Crypto price-collapse

  • Anyone who has any insight on the current crypro price-hiccup? Ive been trying to find some articles that might explain the reason for this but i cant really seem to find anything. All coins are seeing significant price decreases. Anyone here who can enlighten me a bit?


  • Bitcoin is taking a hit due to the uncertainty regarding the UASF fork and with bitmain saying they want to hard fork. Everything else is linked to bitcoin in crypto with most people buying bitcoin then converting to what they actually wanted. Sellers trading Burst for example for bitcoin. Kind of how one of the main international trading currency's is the US Dollar. If the dollar had issues everything else has a knock on effect.

  • @keyd0s as far as i know its due to btc falling below 2300. And previous growing in almoast all alts was unsustainable apparently. Atleast thats what i got from cryptocompare 🙂 i will try to find that email.

  • My guess is people are selling so they can have liquidity for the next fork. Soon, miners will mine and invest into the chain that makes the most value.

  • so basically this is a healthy correction to ensure a more steady growth ? really curious what the next fork wil mean bitcoin. and if the change is even going to have a positive impact or not

  • more like a large panic sale it should find a bottom eventually and when bitcoin does its upgrade and doesnt shatter i expect a large spike back to previous levels and beyond

  • Guys, this is whales accumulating while the weak hands drop their coins. Stock market and crypto is a magic thing, where the money flows from the impatient, to the hands of the patient.

  • @JotaJota yep like i said this time next month it will be back over 600 if i were to place a bet i would say it will peak and hold around 600-900

  • maybe a major market correction.. billions of dollars left the market.. ico's are cashing out to build their companies combined with summer time trading blues and lots of new investors dumping out scared ...some are saying the bubble burst( no pun intended) .. others say its not over...

    Im just like


  • @darindarin why do i keep seeing

    HODL and HOLD? LOl i am so old all these new terms confuse me :p

  • @falconCoin was some drunk guy on a btc forum typo'd HOLD and it went viral.

  • haha the hardware wallet in his hand...

    imo the market will remain crazy until the second week of Sept.