CloudFlare DDOS protected pool

  • Hello @all
    I would like to present to you the new pool .
    This pool is designed for all miners sizes small or big :
    Payout twice a day on first block hit after 11AM and 11PM Romania time minim 50 Burst.
    Instant payout over 150 Burst.

    This pool is protected anti DDOS trough cloudflare .
    Same is the wallet asociated with this pool that you may use:

    All miners are welcomed. Please check this link for how to mine:
    If you have problems , please feel free to contact me on Discord

    Looking forward to meet you!

    Update 18.07.2017 - 600 miners celebration:

  • Just to let you know :
    alt text alt text and some visitors stats:
    alt text

    felt nothing on the pool itself.
    Cloudflare got all the trouble out of my shoulders and only clean traffic on the pool and wallet.

    Just reached 20 miners ...
    Come and get your miner in this stable and growing pool with zero downtime and problems till now.

  • I am so happy to announce that we got out first block and already paid the miners.
    So now we are talking.....
    The miner that had 1:02 deadline is a 2TB miner and got a reward of 808 Burst.
    Is time to join our unique pool :

    5 burst payout , 500 blocks historical shares.

  • I hate to bother you again , dear watchers of the topic, but there are some changes in the pool.
    Now the pool shows the best deadline address BURST- something instead those ugly numbers and also I've added the best deadline HDD space of the miner.

    Is not much , but is nice to have feature.

    PS: Thank you Lex for the help in pointing me in the right direction. Owe you a few + 1 🙂

  • We are in need of miners in order to get things moving the right way. This is a small miner friendly pool.
    The low payout and high rounds shares make it one if not the best pool for small miners.
    Shadow is always around to answer and solve any problems that may occur.
    We are waiting for you.

  • I am still hearing about pools getting DDOS flood and going down and up and I am not talking here about small pools but big pools.
    Well here is some more statistics about attacks on that I got from Cloudflare Analitics:

    Pool never received those attacks and had zero downtime from the starting date that was about 2 weeks ago.

    The number of miners are increasing, the number of block hits are increasing.
    Maybe you should check this pool and get your miner on it and stop losing money by using pools that are susceptible to flood and have big downtime's.
    Me ( Shadow ) or other member of this pool will be glad to help your mining operation started, even if you need Burst to setreward recipient or you need help to start plotting or configure your miner. I also get on TeamViewer with miners if they have problems and solve them.

    Wonderful community is growing on discord channel - ( #general-en or #general-ro )so we are looking forward to see your BURST address on the miners list and recent payments list.

    Pool has a 5 Burst payout ( so on each block hit miners get paid based on shares ) and keep shares for 500 blocks and any deadline is accepted so even if you are 100GB or 10TB miner , this pool is for you.

  • Good day, Im sorry for asking but I've been mining on this pool for a couple of days now... and i still haven't received any burst. im kinda new so i dont know how this things work but from what I've read is that it depends on each pools and I'm kinda curious as to when I can receive mine?
    Here's my wallet BURST-ZLNC-BJJV-PVWR-GSFY5

  • @_Nigui said in CloudFlare DDOS protected pool:


    Hi, any pool pays the miners when a block is won by the pool ( basically any of the miners in that pool ).
    Burst ID: ZLNC-BJJV-PVWR-GSFY5 (297 GB) - 300GB will not get you too much of a reward but you will receive some Burst.
    You need to be patient.

    You need to start making plans to increase the plot size to TB order.

  • @Shadow Oh I see, thanks for replying, I'll be sure to increase my plot size to TB as soon as I can afford one.

  • You will love this on Discord
    Pool now announce when a miner has a good deadline or a miner hit a block .
    I am using this feature like this:

    • Discord mobile app
    • get notification from announce channel.

    We received in the last 24 hours a number of increased DDOS atacks detected on the Cloudflare. All that I could observer on the server was a little increase (1-2%) in web server and an small increase of the ping to the server ( from 1-5 ms to 10-15ms ).
    That's it !!!! 🙂 No downtime, no problems.

    All what this pool need now is miners to come and join this wonderful community.
    Any miner is welcomed in this pool 100G to 100TB and will always be.
    I will make sure that if the net diff increases also the small miners get some shares for their efforts by changing the pool parameters to make it open for everyone.

  • switching to your pool

  • @Yey_09 said in CloudFlare DDOS protected pool:

    switching to your pool

    You are most welcomed as any other miner that want a 24/7 stable pool.
    We just got an https wallet because miners requested it :
    Same cloudflare protected wallet but now even more protected with https.

    so their wish is my command 😃

  • @Shadow said in CloudFlare DDOS protected pool:

    @Yey_09 said in CloudFlare DDOS protected pool:

    switching to your pool

    You are most welcomed as any other miner that want a 24/7 stable pool.
    We just got an https wallet because miners requested it :
    Same cloudflare protected wallet but now even more protected with https.

    so their wish is my command 😃

    This is what im looking for a stable 24/7 pool and for small miners.

  • @Yey_09 you are welcome to join us. Please alse get on discord server , you will find nice community here.

  • @Shadow said in CloudFlare DDOS protected pool:

    @Yey_09 you are welcome to join us. Please alse get on discord server , you will find nice community here.

    Im already Yey-Burst/Yey-Tiny

  • is the pool getting hit or its just my internet sucks? sometimes I'm getting a "no response from server" error

  • Hi to all ,
    Just wanted to announce the readers of this topic that we break the barrier of 90 miners.
    Tomorrow is time to get serious and upgrade network internet line of the dedicated server from 100Mbps to 1Gbps to get the server ready for more miners and keep a fast reliable service for all.
    Have pfun and happy bursting.

    PS: I will announce on discord when the switch will be done. No worries the server will be like 5 minutes down. After this it should handle better all the traffic that will come in the future.

  • Best pool for me currently. Good job Shadow. I tried others but when the pool was down i moved to another and saw that i do not make any dime if the pool is down. Finally i return to because his pool is protected and his community is really nice (i also speak the same language as him but it has also an English channel if you do not speak RO)
    If you want to join a stable/reliable pool with good community come and find us on Discord. Ty Shadow

  • The reason why most people are probably worried about switching to your pool is the withdraw payout/10 burst?

    10% of what you mine goes to transaction fees, and then the other is pool fee 😕

    Big miners don't benefit at all at this pool, because of the payout threshold 😕

  • @HiDevin Hi man,
    Before you jump to a conclusion, please check the payouts and you will see that from the 10 burst payout only really small miners benefit.
    That 10 Burst payout is not fixed and it is increasing while the pool get's more miners.
    It was 5 burst untill 100 miners joined. Now is 10.
    On 200 miners will be 20 and so on.
    Pools config is not fixed, people vote changes in the discord channel , is miners pool, not mine, I am just a simple tool that respect miners wishes.

    So if miners in the pool will say , we want 1k burst payout treshold and that is voted by majority, that will happen in second one after the vote is finished.

    So ... before you jump to bad conclusion, better come and join us on discord and see that there is a democracy not a dictatorial management.
    Who knows , maybe you will like it as community not just to join with your miner.

    This pool is growing fast and with this post I will also make an announcement
    At some point this pool will close gates to new miners by spliting the reward only to existing miners in a list of fixed number of miners based on the shares they have.
    Better N happy miners with a fast and reliable service than 3k miners that have a poor service from the pool.

    This N will be determined by the total resources consume in the server - we are not on 15-20 % give or take.