CloudFlare DDOS protected pool

  • @Z1burst Hi, use one of the miners in here:
    Old miners versions don't know about HTTP 1.1 . You have there 3 miners to chose from.

  • Hi all,

    Don't forget , tonight is trivia time.... more Burst rain.

  • @Shadow said in CloudFlare DDOS protected pool:

    My miner is 42TB and I can prove it at any time with video or photos on the server.

    I just stumbled on this post looking for a stable pool.
    I don't want to start another flame, I'm just new and want to learn how burstcoin works.
    If this coin is based on proof-of-capacity, it should easy to prove someone's capacity right?
    So you shouldn't need videos or photos.
    Am I missing something?

    Thank you

  • @Shadow said in CloudFlare DDOS protected pool:

    Hello all,
    We had another giveaway session 1240 Burst and here is the transactions:
    571754580450964193 7/10/2017 01:27:29 Ordinary Payment 250 1 BURST-TKS4-NNEF-JAHB-9BVJM 4
    16653250887792170082 7/10/2017 01:22:08 Ordinary Payment 100 1 BURST-EVAH-QQNQ-SLGE-2UBCD 5
    1972933932412263362 7/10/2017 01:15:02 Ordinary Payment 100 1 BURST-Q5KX-A8J5-6B3E-HR8S4 8
    10998942989932567403 7/10/2017 01:15:26 Ordinary Payment 20 1 BURST-TKS4-NNEF-JAHB-9BVJM 8
    18132515375054579558 7/10/2017 01:08:32 Ordinary Payment 50 1 BURST-8LZ2-NYQF-NQK9-BBQ3P 12
    17919624502327003775 7/10/2017 01:04:19 Ordinary Payment 50 1 BURST-RL3F-5379-B5FD-843MH 14
    16394769503532698474 7/10/2017 00:58:09 Ordinary Payment 50 1 BURST-SRF6-W9ZR-RE99-HLHTU 14
    1432321611760922051 7/10/2017 00:52:18 Ordinary Payment 20 1 BURST-ZQAE-3HEX-JNTX-25GPT 15
    15802849509858030993 7/10/2017 00:46:35 Ordinary Payment 20 1 BURST-ZQAE-3HEX-JNTX-25GPT 17
    9750731180443535152 7/10/2017 00:45:57 Ordinary Payment 20 1 BURST-Q5KX-A8J5-6B3E-HR8S4 17
    2048728338721425416 7/10/2017 00:37:45 Ordinary Payment 20 1 BURST-8LZ2-NYQF-NQK9-BBQ3P 18
    15842717959085018823 7/10/2017 00:40:43 Ordinary Payment 20 1 BURST-SRF6-W9ZR-RE99-HLHTU 18
    5634081588152198711 7/10/2017 00:33:47 Ordinary Payment 20 1 BURST-JTJG-4TXU-6XF7-FLGLU 20
    13665158390150618820 7/10/2017 00:30:15 Ordinary Payment 20 1 BURST-8LZ2-NYQF-NQK9-BBQ3P 22
    9087184869094650239 7/10/2017 00:21:20 Ordinary Payment 200 1 BURST-EVAH-QQNQ-SLGE-2UBCD 24
    8783418340563223016 7/10/2017 00:16:44 Ordinary Payment 300 1 BURST-ZQAE-3HEX-JNTX-25GPT 25

    If you want some of that get on this pool with your miner and get on the discord server:

    In here I reward active people , recruiters , helpers of the community and periodically we have a nice game that make it rain with Burst.

    I hope I will see your Burst address in the pool payment list soon.

    are these randomly picked? I've been with your pool and discord I havent receive any of these give away.

  • Hello all,
    I just want to inform you we just hit the 600 mark on miners count.
    Thank you everyone for this, this is not my doing is the members of the community that achieve this performance.

    Next target 1024 miners - to have it as a round number.

    alt text




  • I dont wish to sound negative but when I had 500 miners I had was the 2nd highest pool. Makes me think Cloudflare isnt so good after all.

  • Hi @all,
    Yep, cloudflare is not soo good , this is why all pools is using it now !

    Nvm ...
    I wanted to inform you all about some other things we have been working:

    1. our own block explorer :
    2. our own block winners:
    3. our own lotto game open for all no restrictions: - there is also a #lotto in our discord that keep the lotto history ( deposits, wins ).
    4. in our discord channel there is a new game and channel called #lucky-miners where active miners receive periodically Burst as bonus so you might want to check that too.

    More things we are currently working on so stay tuned, you might want to know it first.

    Ah, almost to forget: - check it out maybe you will want to rent some space there - is cheap.

    All our games and implementations are directly tied to blockchain and are free of human intervention, all being automated by the blockchain.

  • Need more than cloudflare to be protected now lol

  • Yep I second that. They will be defeated

  • @tross Cloudflare is really good at this kind of thing. You can also do some filtering to block clearly invalid nonce submissions, just in case somebody tries to spam nonces to ddos you. My script currently will block an ip in under 500 ms for spamming nonces, lets them back in later, but will ban again for longer and longer every time. It works very well in fact, maybe everybody should start to do this, would make the whole thing more secure.

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