New to mining. Please help.

  • Hello! I'm new to the whole mining thing. I tried to set the solo mining because I cant pool with a 0 balance. I don't understand how to obtain the coins. I have used my 4tb external hard drive to plot (only 100gb of it). Is this correct and how long does it take before I get even 1 Burst coin?
    ![BURST-584V-KTY4-ECGM-6T5PH Please help.
    alt text

    Thank you.

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    @SlumperOP With a 100GB it's going to probably take a long time to mine a block. Try the faucets, or ask here for a couple of Burst, someone will help you out.

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    it will take you a very long time to forge a block with that amount of space. Have sent you some Burst to try a couple of pools. ATB, ATP

  • @ArthurThePug actually didn't bother as saw you already had a couple

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    @ArthurThePug my phone got a block about a week into mining with 120GB, so it's not likely, but can happen.

  • So I'm completely new here...

    I'm doing my first plot. I have a WD 2TB external hard drive plugged into my laptop with a 3.0 USB cable. My laptop has an Intel i3-7100U processor CPU at 2.4Ghz. I do NOT have a GPU.

    The plot reads: 0_500000001_7372000_7372000
    Nonces per thread: 1024
    Uses 2048 Mb of 2197 Mb free RAM
    I'm getting about 4000 nonces per minute, but this seems like it's going to take about 24 hours and can't be the best way to do this.

    How can I improve this speed and make my HDD mining profitable? Can I simply buy a faster processor (a Xeon e5-2680) and install it into my laptop? How would I use a GPU on a laptop? Do I have to just start from scratch and create a rig? I just used the automated (XPlotter?)system I believe, would using the wplotgenerator be better, and if so, what values?

    I'm very new and really willing to learn and any help would great! Thanks.

  • @MinerN00b123 hi and welcome to the community .. you are plotting and looks like it is your CPU.. you can plot faster with a GPU but not neccessary as you only do this 1 time. Once the plot is complete you can start mining it.

  • @darindarin Thanks for replying! So the plot is taking about 24 hours to finish approximately 7 million nonces. Is that time typical, or bad? How can I speed it up if possible? Why wouldn't using a GPU be better/more profitable?