Question about Win 10

  • Running an Icy Box stuffed with 4x3 TB Seagates fully plotted running just fine if connected via USB 3.0 (12 TB connected USB 3.0 via internal PCI Card to SATA size is small enough not to be probl.) to a Win 7 machine. Read spead around 120MB/sec just fine with Blagos miner.

    However, if the same equip. connected to a win 10 Machine freshly installed, no other stuff running on it Win 10 seems to loose Connection to the USB drives, not available anymore in the miner as well as in the win Explorer.

    I fiddled around with all available Setting, the icy box and HDs are 100% ok but mainly the energy saving Settings on win 10, but havent found the right Setting yet. Put Win10 on Max Performance and no USB/other energy saving whatsoever, but still Win10 loses Connection to the drives.

    Any help very much appr.

  • @Marc in power setting check advanced options and you can go through all controllers including usb and check to see if it is set to sleep or power off. i use windows 10 and inside High performance power settings i still go through advanced power settings and click everything to NEVER..hope that helps

  • @darindarin Will check that over the we. Been on win7 for 10 years now, doing Support too on that, hate 10 win a Passion but we have to move I know. Thx a lot four your Input anyway.. 🙂

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  • If someone faces the same prob.:

    Error was not caused by wrong USB energy saving Settings (those were already set correct) but by wrong Drivers on the PCI/USB3 Card installed that came with the Driver Installation disk (most likely not suited for Win 10 anyway but for Win7, where same Card is working fine for weeks now.)

    REMOVING the Card and anything connected to it including Drivers in device Manager then Research for new Hardware brought win10 to install ist own Drivers instead of the manufactures ones which - so far seem to work w/o any Problems.