Options when hitting USB Controller Limit

  • I have been making a mining rig out of an oldish MacMini I have lying around. I use my more powerful iMac for plotting then just plug the HD into the mac mini when done and let it do its thing. I was happily moving along but on my 9th Seagate 8tb USB3 drive I got an error that there is not enough recourse to use the USB drive. I assumed the limit was much higher. what are my options at this point. is there ay way to use more drives with this computer.

    Its a MacMini from about 2 years ago. I have erased the MAC OS and I have Win8.1 Pro installed on it. I have 2 USB 3 hubs a 7 and an 8 the 7 is full just started using the 8, keyboard and mouse are wireless not usb. Monitor is using built in HDMI.

    is it possible to expand this rig or do I need to start another one, or is there a better way of connecting the drives so they take less resources. also can I mine with a second computer using the same account on the same pool?

    if I have to start another rig, whats a good MB to start with that will allow for massive HD expansion looking to get to a petabyte.

  • Any ideas? How bout you guys with bigger rigs.

    I answered the multi miner question, it looks like you can mine with 2 computers and the same wallet. correct me if I'm wrong

  • if you have room to add a PCIe exp card you ca add another USB3.0 controller that way. also i dont know anything about that comp but most comuters that have a USB3.0 port on the front as well as the back have seperate controllers for each... would need to look up the Mobo for that comp it may even have an unused controller that you can hook an io panel up to

  • never mind i just looked up a mac mini , i seriously dout you can exp with it . for your second question yes you can min on a second comp with the same account but both have to be pointed at the same pool and as always DO NOT overlap plots with a second comp you will not get the overlap error if the overlap is betwen the two comps

  • Thank you for the heads up and you gave me a great idea Gilsalot. People always underestimate Apple. The MacMini cannot expand internally however it does have 2 Thunderbolt 2 ports, Thunderbolt carries the PCIe protocol. I can buy a Thunderbolt 2 to PCIE hub and connect as many USB controllers as I want that way. might be pricy for the hub but better then building another computer, which I might do anyway. Ill keep everyone posted.

    Ive also tried adding some of the Seagate 8TB drives that have the 2 USB ports on them to see if I can get more that way but I wont know till I plot a few more drives.