What is the best external drive?

  • So i was wondering if the WD easystore is a good deal. It's 180 USD which works out to roughly 23 USD per terabyte. Not sure how fast the drive itself is. Should I buy these or should I go for something like LaCie or Toshiba drives which I think have a faster RPM but are more per terabyte? Oh also if you could tell me the RPM of the easystore that would be great because I can't find it anywhere

  • I would go with the WD but others have used Seagate with no issues.

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    @socalguy I hate the Seagates ......PITA to plot, mine fine - but are the only drives I've had fail mining Burst.

  • I am using WD My Book Drives, they were a bit more expensive than others but they work great. Plotting straight to them is fast and no issues so far with any of the drives.

  • I second to WD, ive tried buffalo, seagate, lacie, and some japan brand external HDD but still the best one is WD. although i bought same external HDD brand(according to hard disk sentinel), HDD used inside those external HDD are different, some are toshiba some are WD, and so far WD is the best. Dont get a cheap seagate HDD for 10$ cheaper, just add some $ and get the WD HDDs

  • @ShakeAndBake-xD For externals, I've got mostly Seagate backup plus drives. They're slow, but take up little space and work really well so far. Also a few WD MyBook, which have been performing well and plotted quickly if I remember right.