Mining info screen please help clarify

  • It took 3 days to plot my 32db usb drive. At the moment I'm mining but I don't understand what the Info on the screen means. What am I looking for? How do I get paid? Can someone explain to me what to keep an eye on? Thank you
    ![alt text](image url)![alt text](0_1497750515116_IMG_1982.PNG image url)

  • what pool are you in.. usually you can follow the website to help track your earnings.. also you are looking for green deadlines.. the shorter they are the better. can you add any capacity?

  • @darindarin yes I'm in
    I'm using a 32 bb USB drive. I got one green so far but I don't understand if it is still mining. Below it says qua1.77 :100% nondeadline .
    Looks like it's still working on it since yesterday

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    @Erod707 No deadline means your plot doesn't contain a deadline that the pool will accept. With only 32GB, you're going to see a lot of them. If you're getting an occasional Confirmed DL - all is good. The Network Quality under 100% means your miner didn't get a response for a couple of requests, not a big deal unless the quality goes very low.

  • i would consider a pool with smaller deadlines.. i know the burst mobile pool is great for under 1tb .. i am unfamialir with the 32bb usb that you have is that 32gb? if so you definitely need to be in a mobile pool..

    quick search on this forum for "mobile pool" will give you the details if you have trouble finding it let us know.