Burst Miner Network quality issue

  • Burst Miner Network quality starts at 100% but slowly drops to 0%. Does anyone know what is causing this? It happens on pool.burst-team.us and pool.burstcoin.biz.

    I have been plotting 11 4TB hard drives and I have 2 running on it right now and noticed after one day I still am getting no deadlines ever, I saw that my Network Quality is 0% and feel this is the issue cause my read times are good. Any ideas on why this is happening? Everything I read blames the pool, but 2 pools same issue so I think it is something on my side, this is a new PC as well, all drivers are up to date.

    BURST miner, v1.170603_AVX2
    Programming: dcct (Linux) & Blago (Windows)
    CPU support: AES SSE SSE2 SSE3 SSE4.2 AVX AVX2 [recomend use AVX2]
    GenuineIntel Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6700 CPU @ 3.40GHz [8 cores]
    RAM: 16384 Mb
    Pool address pool.burst-team.us (ip
    Updater address pool.burst-team.us (ip
    Using plots:
    K:\Burst\plots files: 1 size: 3628 Gb
    J:\Burst\plots files: 1 size: 3628 Gb
    I:\Burst\plots files: 2 size: 997 Gb
    H:\Burst\plots files: 1 size: 465 Gb
    TOTAL: 8719 Gb

    23:27:54 New block 372277, baseTarget 320952, netDiff 57096 Tb
    23:27:56 Thread "H:\Burst\plots" @ 2.3 sec (49.7 MB/s) CPU 25.05%
    23:28:02 Thread "I:\Burst\plots" @ 8.7 sec (28.8 MB/s) CPU 13.91%
    23:28:06 Thread "J:\Burst\plots" @ 11.9 sec (76.2 MB/s) CPU 36.51%
    23:28:06 Thread "K:\Burst\plots" @ 11.9 sec (76.1 MB/s) CPU 36.21%

    │100% 8719 GB (182.69 MB/s). no deadline Network quality: 0%

  • admin

    @Jason83 DoS attacks against the wallets and pools - they're up but slow

  • having the issue on team us currently.

  • ya looks like i have been having issues with biz for a while, dont see my miner in historic, and miner log says failed to get info......

  • weird just checked again and looks fine, or how about just acting strange.

  • Thank you for the response everyone. So any pools not under attack? Or would anyone recommend a smaller pool maybe? Once I am done plotting (been GPU plotting and then optimizing 2 4TB drives ever 2 days) so I will have 11 4TB and 1 500gb drive when done any smaller pool not under attack better for this set up?

    Still having this issues on pool.burst-team.us and pool.burstcoin.biz this morning.

  • @Jason83 Right now its just the chain, wallets and pool owners are aware and doing their best. Miners need to be patient

  • How can we prevent the DDOS?

  • admin

    @warreng138 Find the assholes launching them and break their fingers ?

  • @haitch or get a proper DDoS protection.

  • I am still unable to mine. But others are able to in the pool so how are they able to but we arent? How do I prevent my wallet from being affected? Or how to change my wallet IP?

  • admin

    @sayem314 The pools don't work behind Cloudflare. I'm using the same proxy (nginx) as Cloudflare and have them working properly, but when the attacks are using 99% of my bandwidth, there's not a lot I can do. Everything is up, just slowed down. The services that can be Cloudflared, are, those that can't are proxied by me. The attacks used to cripple me, now they're more of a PITA. I'm hopeful the assholes will give up trying to take me down - me and the services I provide are not going away.

  • Thanks, @haitch. Hang in there.

  • admin

    @warreng138 Are you able to load http://pool.burst-team.us:8124/ ? If so you should be able to mine.

  • Its really slow to load, but I was able to the webpage, but when I click mine nothing is happening on my mining page.. sitting with a black screen telling me BURST miner, v1.160705_AVX
    Programming: dcct (Linux) & Blago (Windows)
    CPU support: AES SSE SSE2 SSE3 SSE4.2 AVX AVX2
    GenuineIntel Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4790K CPU @ 4.00GHz [8 cores]
    RAM: 32768 Mb

    And this is all, I have done the same thing as usual, click mine in same pool. I have been team us. My bandwidth is 250 mb/s when I do a speed test. I am located in Tx.

    So not sure what to say... or change.

  • The miner finally found Team us, but it took 10 mins and I have 0 network quality.

  • Thank you for all the replies! Great community 🙂

    Sorry to hear about the attacks, I will be patient, hope things get better!

  • @haitch I'm not talking about Cloudflare. Something like Coreo/Voxility protection, pm me if you need help in this case I'm happy to help.

  • admin

    @sayem314 Send me links and I'll test them out.

  • @haitch Did you ever get the vpn set up? Is there a way to direct connect? I never did get that answer