How many usb drives per controller?

  • My pc has 1 usb3 controller and 1 usb3.1 .

    how many drives can either handle before bottlenecking?

    ps i might get a usb3.1 to usb3 hub so thats why im interested in usbc.

    I have 7 drives total.

  • 3-4 that's how much I got with one usb3 controller

  • admin

    @LittleItaly It depends on speed of drives and if plots are optimized or not. Quite easy to test ... just add/remove drives and check how/if round time changes ... with 7 drives you should be at the limit.

  • USB3 is 5gbps = 625 MB/s (megabytes per second) Calculate how many drives are on one port and how fast they are in Megabytes each, same goes for below. Now if you bought USB3SS card and SS enclosers = 10 Gbps, also called USB 3.1 Gen 2 = 1250 MB/s (megabytes per second).

  • @Hitti2 well all my drives will be plugged directly into the back of my pc... no hubs. but since i have 1 usb3 controller... that would be the bottle neck if in the future i use a hub for more drives right

  • Buy usb3.1 card.

  • also some USB3 controllers have a hard limit on total TB's can be connected ... at least that what it seems like , 7 drives for a total of 28TB works but 7 drives for a total of 42TB throws an error and can not even detect drives anymore on an older Mobo switch back to less than 32TB and it starts working agin.