you are the best. Help me In :)))

  • Hi BurstZters!

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      My name is Michael. I'm from Denmark(scandinavia / north europe). I'm totally new to Burst and personally thrilled to join in.

    My plan is to mine alittle from my computer using external drive(s).
    I'm still stucked in how secure this wallet is, and how to go about creating my wallet.
    If there any other advice you can give me? Glady acceptets .


  • @captain85 Check out this recent video I found on Youtube. There are many videos explaining how to get setup in case you would like to watch multiple videos.

    The wallet is as secure as the length of your passphrase. Do not use a small length passphrase. you can use the passphrase auto generated or you can create one yourself. Please keep the passphrase in a secure area. Do not lose it. No one can retrieve your lost passphrase. Once it's lost, the burstcoins within that wallet are lost forever.

    The more TB's you have, the better your chances of getting more Burst.

    There is a vast amount of info here on the forums and in past threads. Spend some time looking around and review some of the old threads. We go through growing pains from time to time. So, my advice is to Ignore the drama threads and focus on the other stuff. 🙂

    Have fun, play nice, and engage with others on discussions. Happy Bursting!