Dell PowerEdge C6100 8x Xeon Quad Core 32GB RAM Node Server

  • @Brushek , I will give you my feedback on servers for Burst.

    I bought a SuperMicro on ebay. I will tell you, like in real estate location, location, location is the key. The server case is like the location for real estate. Buying a 12 bay server takes up about the same space as the 36 bay server I bought. The 12 bay you're looking at is 2U. The 36 bay is 4U. You get 3x the HDD cap for 2x the real estate. They have 48 bay units but they are beasts, I think @haitch bought one 🙂

    Also, be aware the SuperMicro servers are loud (8x -7000 rpm fans). You can manage the fans for quieter performance with the IPMI interface but only if the server is not working hard. I you are plotting, mining and running a background miner like NiceHash, the fans are on full speed.

    Anyway, I love mine, these servers are typically 5 or 6 years old so you can get them for great prices. Mine was a 36 bay with caddies, 2x-Xeon octo core (32 threads) at 2.99GHz that runs at 4.00 GHz. SAS2 controller HBA. Plug and go 36 HDDs. 96GB ram. $1500.

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    @rds yeah, they can be loud. When I was plotting I wasn't confident of waking up every morning - figured my wife would kill me to make the noise stop ..... I also can't GPU mine with them, the additional heat from the cards trips the server into more active cooling. But, just Burst mining - I get to live 🙂

    I'm looking at the 48 Bay units, but also looking at ROI at the moment and holding off - It's a US$10K investment.

  • @haitch , yea if I recall the 48 bay units are near 200 lbs. the 36 bay is 100+ lbs. If I set the fans for "optimal" control and only Burst mine, the fans idle and then ramp up like a 747 taking off for each new block scan.

    I put a $30 GPU in mine just to enhance the video for Teamview sessions. The $30 GPU scans in 120 secs, the CPUs, 30 secs.

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    @rds I'm CPU mining:

    18:57:45 Thread "c:\B\19" @ 24.5 sec (57.0 MB/s) CPU 56.60%
    100% 127599 GB (1302.87 MB/s). Deadline = 59629 Connection: 100% │

  • Thanks for great response. I won't lie i would prefer something "quieter" so if those are laud maybe you can point me in better direction.
    I also would prefer 32 bays or more but i couldn't find those in reasonable price.

    I would prefer not going much more than 600-700$ +hdds because after that price i rather buy external drives for my normal PC 🙂

    I would like to get from that also opportunity to "play" with servers and learn something new.

  • @Brushek , I have the server rig I mentioned and two other rigs, mostly externals drives. The server is rock solid. The externals are good but need attention periodically, also not nearly as fast.

    If I was going to add on to my current farm (which I'm not doing right now), I would only get another server.

    Here is a recent block.


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    @Brushek find a server chassis with sufficient drive bays, and a SAS2 backplane, then add a modern CPU/motherboard and suitable SAS HBA(s)

  • thank you again for all your responses.
    im not as good as you guys at this. this will be my first server and i would prefer to get it whole even at little more.
    my idea was to get 24 or 36 bays but from prices i can see in europe it would cost me way over my budget to get those.
    i did get a reply and both servers will support 4tb hdds.

    could you help me with selecting one them

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    @Brushek If they're guaranteed to work with > 2TB drives, then either is suitable - I'd go with the cheaper option.

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    Thank you all : )