A Couple Nooby Questions...

  • Over the last couple days I have been reading over a bunch of materials. I guess I have a couple quests I need answers to...

    1). Can you mine on a Hard Drive that you haven't fully plotted? Reason I ask is when I was plotting my Hard Drive I was at work and my computer restarted during that time. I not sure if my Hard drive fully plotted because I was at 89% when I left for work and when I got home my computer was restarted.

    2). Can I plot on a different computer then transfer to my main computer?

    3): Can I speed up my Deadline? I was reading some articles and people are saying that if you use xplotter when plotting it, it automatically optimizes the plot...

    Thanks everyone for your help, I would not have been able to get this far without the burst-team...

  • Re: #1. Yes, you can start mining, if you are using xplotter (the plotter on the AIO wallet). You'll just have to mine with your GPU (using jminer, for example).

    Re: #2. I think so. Wait for a more experienced miner. I'm still new.

    Re: #3. Optimized plots will speed up the speed at which you will read your plots, but they will not give you better dead lines (DLs).


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    1. If you're using the AIO xplotter, it can be restarted, but it's a manual process.

    2. Yes, but carefully. The AIO uses the drive letter to determine the starting nonce - if plotting on multiple machines you need to make sure the target disk drives are all on different drive letters, or use advanced mode and manually set the starting nonce.

    3. Optimized plots will mine faster than non-optimized.

  • @haitch From question 1: how do I restart that manual process?

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    @Quackers get the filename of the plot that was interrupted. The filename format is:

    <drive letter>:\burst\plots<your account><starting nonce><number of nonces>_<stagger>

    you need to then manually run xplotter from an admin level cmd prompt:

    xplotter_avx -id <your account> -sn <starting nonce> -n <number of nonces> -t <number of threads (cpu threads - 1)> -path <drive letter>:\burst\plots