[ERROR 1003] Missing accountId parameter

  • Hey everyone. I just finished my first plot (1.8TB). I joined a pool and changed the recipient address to their wallet. I put in my passphrase and clicked start mining (CPU/AVX). Everything seems to be running fine, until it found a DL, which should be great, but it reads [ERROR 1003] submitNonce request missing 'accountId' parameter or are you trying to solo mine? How do I fix this and get my reward coins? Also, when I join a pool I get a signatureHash code and an unsignedTransactionBytes string of numbers. Are these my reward coins and can I still obtain/recover them?

  • @MinerN00b123 Here is what the screen says to be exact:

    22:59:16 New block 372617, baseTarget 299955, netDiff 61093 Tb
    22:59:21 [ 0] found DL: 462800
    22:59:22 [ 0] sent DL: 462800 5d 08:33:20
    [ERROR 1003] submitNonce request missing 'accountId' parameter - or were you trying to solo mine?

  • Did you assign reward assignment yet to pool :?

  • Yeah, it was copied to my clipboard and I pasted it into the Recipient box (Burst address of the pool). Above that I wrote in the passphrase of my wallet I'm mining with and clicked submit. I was charged one burst, mined with my CPU until I found a deadline, but then the Error 1003 message comes up? What do I do? I'm so close!

  • admin

    @MinerN00b123 Post your config file here - making sure to remove your passphrase if it's in there.