[PRE ANN] Minero100

  • Hello,

    This is the pre-announcement of my new asset to create a 100TB miner in the coming weeks. The verification by haitch is already under way. I am now mining with 11.6TB in the pool of http://poolofd32th.club/ with the name of "aitor". I have more TB plotting too.



    The asset will consist of 200,000 shares in total. Each share will represent 500MB of mine power with an exit price of 0.8491209652 Burst. They will be published in batches of 22,858 shares corresponding to 2 x 6TB discs. When the disks are plotted I will put it to mine and publish a new batch again.

    Payments every Monday and bonuses from time to time with the remaining power. 15% commission for management and maintenance expenses.

    According to my calculations (you can see them at the end of this post) in total the miner would get to have 102TB. I have left some margin in the shares because I understand that I will not always be able to buy the hard drives at the price so good that I am getting right now from only € 26 per TB. Hard drives are WD My book.

    Answers to questions that I think you may have:

    • About me. I work in my own web hosting company since 2002 at Spain, serving hundreds of clients worldwide. My experience focuses on linux servers with cpanel. I do not want to post the name of the company since that's where I'm going to host the entire Burst equipment and could be a security issue as well (burglary). That's why I'm in the verification process with haitch.

    • I've been mining burst only in the last two weeks but I've fallen in love since the beginning because it's a mining type where I think I can contribute value and compete on a global level despite being in a country with the most expensive electricity in the world.

    • I have a bit of experience mining other cryptocurrencies, I started mining of Bitcoins when it still could be done with CPU. Then I went to GPU and when the first ASICS arrived I retired because I had nothing to do. I did not want to invest in machinery so specialized and with ROIs so high. Up to now I had mined some altcoin.

    • In case I close the asset, I will buy the shares at the starting price 0.0113€. It's not something I plan to do, I think Burst has a lot of value to bring to the market and its price is going to increase.

    • This is a personal and professional project to look for an alternative to my current web hosting business model based on a fully centralized model. The future seems to be decentralized and based on some kind of blockchain technology.

    • My current plot rate of 30,000 nonces / minute approx.

    Here are the operations I have performed:

    Hard disk of 6TB = € 130 = 5,714,500MB / 500 = 11,429 shares

    130 € / 11,429 shares = 0.0113 € = 0.8491209652 Burst for share

    I have 12 TB. 100TB - 12TB = 88TB missing / 6 = 15 disks x 6 TB = 90 + 12 = 102 TB total mining power.

    15 discs of 6TB x 130 € = 1950 €

    15 discs of 6TB x 11,429 shares = 171,435 shares

    200,000 shares offered - 171,435 shares needed = 28,565 shares to cover possible price increases on the discs.

    I appreciate any kind of correction. If you have any doubts you can leave it here and I will respond delighted.

  • @aitor Looks good to me^^ You might have hard time getting started as there are sooo many assets similar to yours and not enough investors. Although I'm sure that you will get some sells in time^^

  • Thank you, we'll see how it goes 😉

  • In order to make stock management easier, I will use the GB instead of MB as the unit of measure. Also, since I'm going to dedicate a lot of time to this, let's see if we can create Miner 200TB. It would look like this:

    6TB hard drive = 5.45 TB useful = 5,450 GB = 5,450 shares

    130 € / 5,450 shares = 0.0238532110091743 € = 1.7038007863695928 Burst

    1.7038007863695928 Burst = 1GB = 1 share

    200TB / 6TB = 33 hard drives.

    33 discs of 6TB x 130 € = 4,290 €

    33 discs of 6TB x 5,450 shares = 179,850 shares

    200,000 shares offered - 179,850 shares used = 20,150 shares to cover possible increases in disc prices.

  • @aitor The thing is, I know nothing about assests and how they work, can you point me to some resources?

  • I don't know any website where it's explained but it's like a normal stock market. You buy one asset and then you get the dividends generated for the asset.

    I'm going to sell 1 share for 1.7038007863695928 Burst so you will get the burst that 1GB can generate.

  • @aitor How will you cope with the in-built decrease of value in mining? Which is basically determined by two given factors,

    1. 5% decrease of block reward each month (hope im still correct on this) and

    2. difficulty of mining rising in General as more and more People start to mine, thus more and more People fighting for the same Piece of cake which naturally only can get smaller over time for each of them?

  • Hello @marc!

    You have to keep in mind that as point 1 and 2 happens, the currency is revalued.

    Two weeks ago when I started mining Burst, 1000 Burst amounted to $ 9. Today, it's about $ 14. I do not know how much percent is this but about 50% revaluation in just two weeks. Not bad!

    I'm going to have disks for personal use connected in the same miner with which I will go giving bonus as we reach important milestones. So this will help to get the maximum return on investment.

  • @aitor 2 weeks ago Burst against the $ was virtually the same as today if not higher, but most certainly not 9.-. Price for 3-4 weeks now is stable against BC and $ hoovering around 600 Satoshis +-10% max and 140-150$ each 10.000 Burst.

  • Of course, this is more an act of faith than anything else. I rely on burst because I like that almost anyone can join with the free space on his hard drive. But I do not know if that will be what most think. The "proof of stake" coins seem to be the future and, however, the "proof of work" that looks worse are the ones that now rule. Who knows!

  • @aitor I don't think that POS is future^^it has its flaws if you read about it. (e.g. https://blog.sldx.com/whats-wrong-with-proof-of-stake-77d4f370be15)
    POW has this extreme power consumption and hardware usage and POC is IMO the best thus far.
    I think that mining burst is great idea especialy now as we can reach ROI in ~7months and I love that ppl give easy opportunities to do it^^ The only think I'm afraid is that you have significant competition and you might not get enough investors to even start your asset^^

  • @Hyzi0 thank you for the link, I'm going to read it now.

    I told that POS it's the future because in its approach seems the most logical option. However, they lack community around them and the fact that the rich is always richer it does not help. Anyway, my asset is already created, I just did it a few minutes ago!

  • Here it's the link for the ann: https://forums.burst-team.us/topic/6293/ann-minero200tb

    First shares ready to buy!

  • @aitor Hey!
    Placed an order for 10 shares as of now(just trying out assets, I am new to this)

  • Thank you for your interest in this asset. I'll pay you next monday from the bursts from yesterday to then.

  • @aitor I started buying your shares today with Micky Mouse Money so far and will continue to do so prob. - just because Im curious and would like to support your efforts so far a bit.

  • Thank you! I just changed the pool I was mining because it was down, it looks there is a massive DDOS attack to most of the pools at this moment. I'm mining now at http://falconburstpool.xyz/