Greetings, new miner.

  • Hi all, I just found out about burstcoin the other day and I'm looking forward to the whole mining experience. I have already experienced issues with the client and I'm wondering if people have had the same experiences and also I need help!

    I had to run Java 7 with the windows client because java 8 would corrupt the blockchain again and again when downloading it. With 7 I could finally download it. With 8 the client was crashing. Has anyone seen the same thing?

    Also I have problems starting mining. Needing burst to be able to begin is difficult. I managed to get 1 burst from a faucet which I then expended so that I could verify my account. Now I need another burst to register with a pool but I'm unable to find a faucet that would give me another one. Any ideas? Donations are welcome of course. Thanks a lot.


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    @tonymontana68 said in Greetings, new miner.:


    Burst care pack on it's way .....

  • Hey, thanks a lot, much appreciated!

    Another thing, is there anything that I should think about when choosing a pool? I will initially use a 2TB disk to start mining. Does it matter which pool I choose?