Big community, small market volume.

  • One of the reasons for me to invest in Burst was the community.
    The community must be one of the bigger ones of the altcoins with 10k members combined here and on burstnation and growing with 100 everyday.
    A lot of altcoins don't even have a basic forum.

    Nevertheless, we are now under a trading volume of 200BTC/24h and we don't seem to get traction.

    How could we translate the enthusiasm of the community into a general excitement on the market?

  • My thoughts are, the more people without a RXsomething GPU comes into crypto, the more we will have people looking for a way to mine without losing so much with energy costs (like myself), and Burst comes with a unique proposal that makes a revolution in the mining system, I am not ashamed to say that my guess is that Burst will come to top 5 in the years to come.
    The original ideal behind cryptos was decentralization, and as Burst comes with a concrete decentralized project that helps small miners a lot, I think it will keep growing and growing.

  • @Pilabius My reason why I got into Burst is because since Bitcoin is worth a lot of money and mining costs a lot of money and the difficulty is incredibly high, low miners can't make any profit from it unless they have a couple thousand dollars lying around which in most cases, they don't.
    Eventually and maybe right now, you can exchange Burst for Bitcoin or PayPal money which is mainly why I'm getting into it.

  • @p0int_scale Well I think I understand you, but I'm not changing my Burst for anything, it has a great potential as a currency, a great community supporting, and a brand new technology that has not come to leave, my guess is: MOON!