Gtx 770 2gb gpu plotting performance.

  • So i had a rough day or so getting use to burstcoin and trying to understand. Being a noob sucks. So I have a 3tb drive I want to plot. The burstwallet plotter maxed out at 5000 nonces and it was to slow for me being a g4560 cpu understandable. I read about the gpu plotter and figured id try it. I just used the recommended settings and had to lower some values to get to work in all honestly i have no idea if its set up right. However im 89.7% done after about 15 hours and its staying at around 9469 nonces per minute. Does this number seem right? Id think the gpu would perform way better then my lowend cpu. I have win 7 64bit. 16gb ddr4 ram. Asus gtx 770 2gb card. Any advice before i get my new drive. Thanks

  • @kevmachine once you get into it, its seriously fun, i love this coin and how it operates, i'd like to see more of the automated market place working, and of course need to get a bit more space but yeah, fantastic community ((here, not BN)), fantastic coin.