cant get the minner to work

  • Hi,

    so i am really new to mining. i love crypto and i really like the idea of hdd mining. I want to go and buy 80tb of external drives and get it to work but im having problems with the wallet and the miner. Ive browsed through the post here and see there are some issues going on right now with ddos attacks, is that why the online wallet shows a error? also ive sinked my local wallet 4 times now and it keeps telling me to wait ten min but wont work.. ive checked java its installed and up to date.. as for the minner i had it working when i started last week but now when i enter recipients address and my passphrase and hit submit nothing happens.

  • got the miner running but cant find my id in the pool. im on how can i tell if its working and going to my wallet?

  • 0_1497898919700_Screenshot (2).png

  • is this working correctly? when i change assignment when start mining and hit sunbmit nothing happens just want to know its working before i go and buy 80tb of drives.

  • I really need some help here guys... ive got everything some what figured out now. only issue i can not get fixed is changing the reward assignment... the screen comes up i add recipient and my passphrase and hit submit and nothing at all happens. how do i fix this what is happening???

  • You haven't submitted a DL yet so you wont find yourself in the shares. With only 700GB of storage you might run into issues finding a DL that hte pool accepts. As most pools now support DL of 30 days or less.

    With more storage the likely hood of you finding a shorter deadline increases.

  • @manfromafar

    ok yeah i know i have low storage plotted im just trying to get it working before i go and spend $2,000 usd on drives lol. any idea why i cant even submit to the pools from the miner?

    I think im just going to grab the drives and plot them if it doesnt work i can return them.

    thank you for your help and response im such a noob and self teaching myself lol

  • The reason is your low storage. Plots in burst are like lotto tickets. The more nonces you have I.E. the bigger the plots the more lotto tickets you have.

    If you want to try a pool that accepts deadlines up to a year check:
    Port: 8124
    That should allow you to see your miner start mining

  • thank you