are there any online wallets working??

  • i cant get into any online wallets.. are any working and if so please post link.

  • ive been having problems since yesterday

  • Try your on-line wallet. My local wallet wasn't/isn't synchronizing earlier today. Switched to the on-line version, and everything worked fine.


  • online wallet im getting gateway timed out error
    i cant get into any wallet
    cant get miner to submit
    miner is running but dont have any way to know if its even linked right

    also anyone want to help with some rep points so i dont need to wait to post

  • Me too. I can't login.

  • My online wallet hasn't worked all day

  • Yes,and the blockchain exploler doesn't work too.

  • I can not get the online wallet to load either. When I put in my passphrase (like I have for 6 mos, yes it is the correct one), it bounced back with a message "you must enter a passphrase or generate a new one". If I hit the f5 key to refresh the wallet I get a BAD GATEWAY error. Do other people notice this behavior???? Can I recover my BURST after they "fix" this? Or, if I download and make a local wallet, can I recover my burst with my online passphrase there?

  • @bi306b Try using mine if you like. Its linked below this post 🙂

    The burst-team ones are generally under a-lot of load and have these errors sometime.

  • @arihan Thank you. I did not realize that people could host online wallets... I have a lot to learn.

  • @arihan Nice job. It's hard to find a working online wallet without using Burstnation's since I refrain from using their wallets. I will be using your online wallet all the time, as long as it is up 99.99% of the time. (of course, there is no such thing as something being up for 100% of the time. xd)
    Yea, burst-team wallets are great to use but sadly they are usually DDoS attacked and has so much incoming traffic they take literally forever to load and sometimes when it loads, I have client-side errors on the web page.
    Edit 2:
    I sent 20 BURST to your faucet. I'll send more once I get paid out from falconburstpool.

    @bi306b If you really think about it, it's really simple. It's just like hosting a local/offline wallet, but:
    You buy a domain and point it to your IP address or what ever dedicated server you're hosting the wallet on.
    Preferably get DDoS protection service such as CloudFlare.
    Buy an SSL/TLS certificate to ensure full privacy and security.
    I could set up a wallet on either a Linux server or a Windows server and host it to other people. But I don't want to spend my money on buying a domain and a certificate which those costs quite a lot. So I'd just get DDoS protection and put the IP address in my signature. I might actually make a wallet for others to use now that I realized it's very simple.

  • @FurryFlutt Hi thanks, It is up most of the time. If it does go down feel free to send me a message.

    Thanks for the donation to the faucet! 🙂

    As for a hostname / SSL. You can get a basic hostname quite cheap and you don't need to buy an SSL cert i'm using Lets Encrypt on mine who provide free ones. I would advise against not using SSL as it adds security issues 🙂

  • @arihan Of course, it is always best to use SSL.
    It's mid-2017 anyway, what site doesn't have SSL/TLS?