This is extremely strange... (AIO wallet issue)

  • So I'm trying to update my AIO Wallet (the official one by daWallet) to to get the new version of jminer since I keep getting ghost blocks and it keeps going backwards and re-scanning old blocks and it's just a mess right now.

    When I try to download the new wallet from any official source on my mining computer (Windows 10) I get "Error - Network Failure" right at the end of the download; happens with any mirror. So, then I try and download it on my laptop which works without issues. I can transfer the .exe file to my mining computer (did via cloud and flashdrive), but when I attempt to run it (even "As Administrator") I get a window pop-up that says "Windows cannot access the specified device, path, or file. You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item." And then here's the strangest part: The .exe file deletes itself!

    Could anyone explain what the heck is going on here? I ran virus scans and they pulled up nothing. I'm so confused...

  • I think I found the issue. It's getting blocked by my antivirus. This pops up after I attempt to install and the file disapears:


    Stupid as hell that there's no warning or anything.

    Now I guess my question is: Why is this now being blocked when it downloaded and installed fine a month ago?

    Thanks for any help.

  • admin

    @Red-Green False positive on the wallet, causes it to be blocked by the AV

  • admin

    I just released an updated which should behave better in front of Antivirus programs.

    After the wannacry debacle some Antivirus companies got paranoid it seems.

  • @daWallet Not just antivirus companies. We blocked everything at my work instead of patching/updating... Not many happy campers

  • @daWallet @haitch thanks guys. I trust Burst, so I just turned my AV off and installed. Also, the new update to both the wallet and the miner is great! I now get 300mb/s (up from 200) with less CPU % and not more ghost blocks. Great work you guys are doing!