I need one burst to change from pool

  • Hello again,

    I used 3 burst and i think i do idiot.

    I used one for pool -> pool.burstcoin.ml:8124
    I used other one for solo mining but i see is really hard
    And the last one used for http://burstcoin.ml:8080/
    With last i think ill dont have good luck.

    Is http://pool.ccminer.net:8080/ good pool? If is a good pool someone can give me one burst 😞 when i mine something ill send that burst


  • Thanks, ill send you 15 if i can get some burst 😘

  • @XtremeXplosions Theres a starter package going your way so you can dabble around with pools, should arive in a couple of minutes.

    Note that 1. dont sent me those coins back, send it to someone else in future asking for help just like you did today, 2. check pools info and what they are good for/suited for size of miners.

    ccminer pool almost 100% is NOT a pool youd be happy with as it is targeting at BIG miners, and youd prob. aint one. Thus, you could mine there for weeks and most likely will not get a single coin out of it. Search the phorum for pools for miners like 1-10 TB theres plenty of info out there for smaller miners to still get their share.


    could be a starting place, there is other pools out there for smaller miners also, cc is meant to be for the BIG guys 50-100 TB +, you wont be happy there.

  • For sure ill help ppl when i have burst. Thanks for info, ill check that

  • having fun yet? your new like me well im on day 4 but only 2 days of mining. hows it going? did ya find any coins yet? I have some from pool but didn't get a payout yet. running 3tb plots just isn't cutting it might have to pick up another 3tb drive or maybe 8tb.