Need 1 Burst ( again )

  • Not the first time i'm asking this but if someone could send a burstcoin to this adress : BURST-5V3Q-DHH3-QTXK-EZ6S6
    that would be great.
    By the way, I tried to mine with jminer and I thought it worked perfectly but i found that is wasn't.
    At each block a get these messages :
    START block '372900', scoopNumber '2396', capacity '1788 GB'
    targetDeadline '691200', baseTarget '291918'
    winner block '372899', 'BURST-C3Z2-FNVG-J69N-BFZLH'
    dl '212235072' > '691200' skipped
    3% done (0TB 48GB), avg.'138 MB/s'
    dl '74411885' > '691200' skipped
    14% done (0TB 242GB), avg.'352 MB/s', eff.'572 MB/s'
    dl '31651605' > '691200' skipped
    24% done (0TB 411GB), avg.'424 MB/s', eff.'599 MB/s'
    dl '29438230' > '691200' skipped
    34% done (0TB 600GB), avg.'127 MB/s', eff.'50 MB/s'
    47% done (0TB 830GB), avg.'138 MB/s', eff.'181 MB/s'
    59% done (1TB 39GB), avg.'146 MB/s', eff.'183 MB/s'
    dl '10220883' > '691200' skipped
    68% done (1TB 205GB), avg.'136 MB/s', eff.'95 MB/s'
    82% done (1TB 455GB), avg.'127 MB/s', eff.'96 MB/s'
    91% done (1TB 622GB), avg.'123 MB/s', eff.'96 MB/s'
    100% done (1TB 788GB), avg.'120 MB/s', eff.'96 MB/s'
    FINISH block '372900', best deadline 'N/A', round time '3s 644ms'

    Why is it skipping? I use 1665 GB of storage and i tried many pools but there is the same problem everytime.
    Thanks for your help.

  • Sent some your way. The skipping is normal. its finding deadlines higher than 691200. Check the max limit on the pool you're currently in and change it in settings.

  • admin

    @MindGab Sent some Burst your way. The "Skipped" means you found a DL, but it's longer than what the pool accepts, so wasn't submitted.

  • Thanks guys ! So it's not a problem ? Just have to wait ? What should I change in the settings ?

  • admin

    @MindGab Nothing to change, the pool is telling you the max deadline it accepts, your miner is just reporting it found a DL, but it was above the pool limit.

  • @haitch Ok so i just have to wait until it find a correct DL ?

  • and as it is not sent to yourself??

    alt text

  • Depends what pool you're in. The settings is called TargetDeadline though. shows the target deadlines for the pools.

    and for some reason, sending burst to you is timing out right now.

    Edit: Didnt know the pools told the miner the max deadline. Always did it manually.

  • @Energy My PC crashed a few days ago. I had to reboot the thing and therefore erase all my files, even the passphrase of this account. I don't have access to it anymore

  • @Zaza Thanks

  • @MindGab Welp, it's now impossible to recover it unless you have a place where you have your passphrase still accessible.