Issues with Burst Wallet

  • Hi
    I am having problem with loading the local wallet, keep getting the below message. Can anybody help.

    "This site can’t be reached
    localhost refused to connect.
    Search Google for localhost 8125 index

    I am new to this not sure how to get over this one.

  • @isaackp Havn't seen that error before. But unless you're solo mining you can get away with just using the online wallets

  • hahaha, mines worse... - I came home from work and looked at my AIO, and lo and behold, "Welcome to your new wallet, the blockchain is currently downloading" - Zero balance!! Oh shit!! I thought. and after a complete shut down and reboot of my machine, restarting the wallet gives the same result. -> Thankful that I know to go to the "Online wallet" at (or one of another three or four ports) - and I found my balance there. - Woot!

    This is good. now if the wallet doesn't resolve itself, I know my balance is intact, and I can re-dl a more up-to-date version and be in good shape.

  • @Rossman01 Once your wallet re-syncs, you'll see your balance in your local wallet.