Noob question about how the best DLs are selected

  • Hi, guys!

    I was trying to make this sound like a sophisticated question, and I eventually gave up. So here goes anyway.

    I keep reading that you have a better chance ("chance" is apparently the key word) of "discovering" the best DL for a round if you have more storage capacity.

    Is this because more of the blockchain is stored on your equipment if you have more capacity, hence you have more better DLs to report during any given round?

    Thanks for any info.

  • @vmantilla These post might help ya out a little bit. Burstcoin simplified and Plots 101

  • Thank you. 🙂

  • OK. These posts were close.

    So, the more capacity you have, the more of the blockchain you have, correct?

    Frilledshark writes in the Plots101 post:

    "What is a plot?
    A plot is a section of space created for mining burst coins. A plots consist of a number of nonces, which is 256 kb in size.
    The nonces are your machine power, they are the ones delivering deadlines to you. Each round(block) your miner will calculate the deadline of your nonces and broadcast them to the network."

    The second sentence, in italics (italics are mine), is what I never quite understood. Are the deadlines already within the data you have on your hard drives? And, if so, the more data on your hard drive, the better chance you'll have to have a low DL already stored?

    Enquirer readers want to know (and so do I). <Smile>.

  • @vmantilla said in Noob question about how the best DLs are selected:

    So, the more capacity you have, the more of the blockchain you have, correct?

    Not more of the blockchain. Just higher amount of nonces you have, the more power you have.

  • Yes, the more data you allocate to store the plots, the more possibilities you'll find a low deadline when scanning them. Think of each nonce as a lottery ticket, the more you have the better your odds each round.

  • @captinkid Exactly 🙂

  • @vmantilla yes and no , for a given block the network ask for a Hash that fits certian criteria , your plots are varrious Hash's of your numerical account number written in scoops of 1-4096 the network will determin witch of the 4096 nonce's it will use for this block like nonce number 6 lets say. your miner will scan all of your plot's / scoop's and find all of the hash's lables #6 and then perform a calculation on each to determin if it fits the criteria for this block if one or more does then it will calculate how long it will take that hash to complet the problum in second's (AKA your deadline) and submit it the fastest deadline win's . thats in a nut shell how it works , or how best i can explain it. each plot file contains multiple plots each plot is 256kb in size , each 256kb plot contains 4096 nonce's each block round will randomly select a scoop number betwen 1-4096, scan times in burst are fast because you only ever use 1/4096th of your total plotted HDD's space each round. each nonce is a different Hash and all have an = chance of being a winning hash, the only way to get better deadlines is to add more HDD space witch will give you more nonce's and will raise your % chance that one of them will be a winning deadline on a given round

  • Yes, but we are not really allocating more data, are we? We are allocating more disk space. This greater amount of storage space is then written with data. Where does the data come from?

  • @vmantilla the data is essentuly direct Hash's of the numerical account number of the wallet that created them.
    wile plotting your HDD the individual nonce number is added into the hashing process in some way to ensure that the hash contained in each nonce is always different.

  • Much better. I suspected it was randomly selecting the scoops (is that done with a pseudo-random number generator?)

    Thanks for your help!!

  • @vmantilla has somthing to do with the previous block as no one can know when , who , or what deadline would of won that block ontell after it was won that way no one can figure out what the paramiters of the next block will be and the mining process cant be hacked and taken advantage of