Caught in pool purgatory - can't reset reward assignment

  • I changed the reward assignment to not knowing that the pool was dead and being rebuilt into with a different address. Now, when I try to change the reward assignment to the new address, I get error saying that I cannot change the reward assignment until the previous one is completed. Of course, this will never happen because the previous reward assignment went to a dead pool. Is there a way to change this manually somewhere? I tried doing it manually through the AIO wallet but when I do that I get an error saying that the account doesn't exist. Noob Lost In Space.

  • @yaquigrande Never mind. The issue resolved itself. After waiting a while, I was able to change the reward assignment.

  • admin

    @yaquigrande yeah, after 4 rounds the assignment will complete - even though the pool is being shutdown. Once the assignment complete, you can do a new assignment.