Newbie - few questions please

  • Hi,I started mining yesterday and have plotted 3 internal drives already of a total of just over 1 Tb.I'm adding another internal 1Tb today so I'll have 2TB hdd in total.Questions:1.)Which pool will be the best to join with only 2Tb?2.)I heard that I should optimize my drives to be faster,how do I do it,is there a link please,my drives are all formated in NTFS,and will it also take that long again?3.)Can someone please explain what is a Deadline?I started mining now in a random pool called and it shows No Deadline.I'm using the wallet win v0.3.9.6 for Windows 10.Please if you have any suggestions to make me more Burst faster please comment based on my settings.Here is also a pic of my mining, please see if it looks good?0_1497935991101_a33b4b1a-335d-4190-83db-303c36ababe7-image.png

  • @jcstander Hi, welcome to burst community ^_^.1) Here is the list of some pool list, you need to pick a pool with higher deadline limit, is fine. Mining in lower deadline limit pool will get you no where(eg. burstninja), if you have 30TB atleast then you can mine in lower deadline limit pools.

    2)If you plot your HDD using the all in one wallet, your plot are optimized so no need to worry. But if you plotted your hdd using GPU(buffer) then you need to optimized your plots. using this or other optimizer

    1. Watch this video so you can understand what deadlines are and other stuff.HERE

    to get better or lower deadline, more TB = more chance of better/lower deadlines, Mining need a lot of TB, a lot of LUCK.
    some other day you can get a lot of coins, sometimes you get very low.
    you can search for burstcoin calculator and you can see an estimated earnings. minus the total to 15-20%(based on my experience. Goodluck!^_^

  • Thanks for the reply, it helped me alot.I will have to get more HDD's,to make more Burst.Thanks again.

  • @jcstander Hey, I'm new to this and mining since two or three days with a bit more of 1TiB (but a lot more is already ordered). Your image looks good. You don't have any DLs yet, because your chosen pool might have quite low Deadline threshold. The deadline (DL) is merely a random value somehow generated from the nonces of your plots. The mental model I use is like this: the network sends a new block (question) and the miner searches his plots for an answer. This answer is expressed as DL in seconds. Depending on the pool your answers are accepted, or not, i.e. the lower the DL the more probable is the acceptance. There are some pools out there that may accept any DL, but most of them set a threshold, e.g. 14 days or whatsoever. So, according to this your screenshot indicates that you rarely undergo the threshold. The chances for lower DLs (should) raise(s) with more space...To have an idea: I recently got a 19hours DL, which is one of my lowest DLs I reached so far. My pool ( seems to have a DL limit around 14 days. Once I upgraded my system (first step would be around 5TiB) I expect lower DLs more frequently


    Regarding the Read Times: I have a small plot (250GiB) on my Evo960 SSD, which performs with approx. 170 MiB/s and another ordinary 1TiB HDD connected via USB3, which performs between about 60 to 70 MiB/s. I see no huge difference on finding "answers" between both...the response time of my SSD is obviously superior. I'm not sure what connection you use for your drives, but 30 MiB/s is not really outstanding (USB2 or SATA II?), but not that bad. Your response times are about 3 secs, which seems ok to me. But the larger the plots are the more time you'll need to scan it. You might think of buy an extra card like PCIe to SATA III/USB3 (

    As I said, I'm new to all of this, too...the more experienced guys here, may have better tips on this...