Make a rig with a NAS

  • Hey,

    I have a NAS that I don't use.
    Is it possible to run a plotter and/or a miner in it ?
    I don't mean use it as an external hard drive, but as a complete PC



  • Good question! I am getting one tomorrow. I will take a guess plotting will take forever due to size of hardware in Nas. At least in the one I bought I know it will be slow. Practically anything can be used to mine burst but what speeds will it have.
    I plan mine as a external storage and will mine it as such.

    More details would be helpful!

  • I have a small NAS too but I already plotted my HDD so there are no problems at all

  • @tross I think it's possible to mine if you install Windows in the NAS
    It's possible to install a light version of Windows 7 in some NAS, like mine

  • Technically its possible no doubt, done that myself. But,

    if its an older Nas, its not worth the hassle. At least the way I Did it. Got an older qnap with 8GB of Ram and 2x3TB of HD. You have to Setup the Linux on the nas, then install the VM on the machine, win 7/10 whatever. Plenty of hours for downloading/config etc. Finally you can run the plotter/miner on the Nas within the virtual machine. A direct way to mine on the Linux Nas I havent found personally.

    Youd far better of to just get out the HDs out of the NAS and connect them to your PC via USB/pci/SATA whatever, esp. if its a smaller rig and a half up-to-date PC ure using.

    Investing like 20-30 $ for Hardware/Cards if even needed compared to investing 30 hours of work to get the fcking Thing running on the nas. 🙂

  • I'm not sure what kind of NAS you have but we decommissioned a SuperMicro NAS, EqualLogic and a Dell Disk Array. All of them I have been mining on now. Well except for the SuperMicro it's very slow plotting the 3TB drives and there are 8 of them!!


  • @rmbuan can you explain me how to mine in a network hard drive (if that's what you are doing)

  • 1.Create the volumes on the NAS.
    2 Create a iscsi target on the nas for your computer to connect to.
    3.Go to your computer and start iscsi initiator and connect to the ip of your NAS.
    4.Go to disk manager and initialize and setup the drive.

    1. you should now see the volume as a drive on your computer

  • @Lettee In theory yes, as a headless Linux server.