Burst based in dolar

  • why Burst do not is based in dolar like ETH?

  • lolwut.

    ETH is not 'based' in dollars. ETH is it's own currency, same with BURST. The Dollar Value is simply the current amount of dollars someone is willing to exchange for the ETH, based on supply & demand.

    Considering BURST is a much lower value per coin than ETH, measuring the cost in $USD per burst isn't exactly feasible. However, can be easily calculated by figuring out the exchange rate for BURST to BTC, then figuring out the current value of the BTC.

    If you are curious to find out how much your BURST is worth there is a calculator over @ http://burstcoin.biz/calculator

  • @lcpsd This is an assumption since I do not know for sure.
    When an exchange is dedicated to exchange only crypto currencies is considered a market, but when they accept FLAT money at least in my country the laws applied are similar to those of the banks, therefore it is necessary to put some deposits that in The case of my country are a minimum of 1 million euros, you have to pay some taxes etc so I suppose that the exchanges only accept the direct exchange of the stronger currencies or those that they believe they can get more performance.
    There are very few coins that can be exchanged directly for dollars

  • @lcpsd short answer is that no exchange have listed the pair USD/BURST yet... as most of the altcoins 😉

  • @gpedro exactly!!!