First time running gpu ploter in direct mode, is this right?

  • Hey, I started the plotting about 20 minutes ago and it hasn't done anything since I launched it. still shows 0 nonces at 0 nonces per minutes. does it take awhile for it to kick in in direct mode? thanks

  • admin

    @kevmachine Direct mode will sit at 0% progress for a long time. Get into Resource Manager, disk activity. If thje disk is active. you're good

  • @haitch ahh sweet ok thanks. Im having another issue again, seem's im either stupid or just have bad luck. so once you set your pool and rewards, if you acidently click on the drop down list and click another pools name, even if you don't reset your rewards assignment does it mess up the pool you were in? because I couldn't get burst miner to work suddenly. it will open but only shows the top 4 lines with total memory at the bottom and doesn't load anything else. I may have to restart computer or something. maybe it's because im plotting in direct mode it won't let me mine???

  • and if i run gpu mining it say's warn 4664 unable to get mining info from wallet. the only thing's ive done since before it was working was plot a 250gb drive in the background in direct mode and had to change my pool rewards because it was set to the wrong one because i acidently clicked on a pool name in the drop down list in the wallet.

  • @kevmachine solved the issue. I had to again do my rewards for the pool as I got the pool server name wrong. I then restarted pc and waited around 20 minutes and it worked fine. I keep forgetting you have to wait a bit before stuff works with burstcoin. thanks.

  • You can also go to My Computer and open the Drive that its plotting. You can keep refreshing the folder to see the plot increase in size to know its plotting

  • @haitch What is a long time? Is it normal more than 14h? For a 4TB hdd.

  • @burstbubble Depending on your processor/gpu speed it can take a long time. I plotted 3 x 3TB hard drives with an i3 4150 and they took about 3 days each.

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    @burstbubble For an 8TB drive it can be more than a day. However, if you get the latest version and run it as administrator, the whole initial delay is bypassed.

  • @haitch I am not sure what im doing wrong, I downloaded the new version 4.1.3 but it doesn't seem to wanna work like the older version, I extracted it to a new folder I made. I then followed the steps from how to do gpu plot and when I create the start.bat file it just opens the text document and not the device setup like it use too. I feel like I did something wrong but not sure what. the file "gpuplotgenerator" is not showing it's an application only a file that windows cannot read. when I downloaded a previous version, i think 4.1.1 or .2 and extracted it that same gpuplotgenerator was an application file. no worries if ya can't help I still have the older one I downloaded from a few weeks ago. I just wanted to try out the direct mode with administrator. I have windows 7 64 bit.

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    @kevmachine make sure you downloaded the binary, in a .7z file, and not the source, in a .zip

  • @haitch hey sorry, I will give step by step what I did sorry im kinda stupid when it comes to this stuff haha. I downloaded the "gpuPlotGenerator-bin-centos-x64-" from the site. and then extracted it to a new folder I created on my desktop. in this new folder it's showing, kernal (file folder type) and then file types are CHANGELOG, gpuplotGenerator and LICENSE. then a MD file type called

    sorry again I know your busy. Last time I downloaded the gpu plotter thet gpuPlotGenerator file was an application, this time it is not. unless I am doing something wrong or missing a step. am I just not downloading the right thing? or missing something. thanks for any help! it's no biggie if your busy don't worry I still have the old gpu plotter that I can use. was I suppose to extract this new 4.1.3 into my old folder?

  • @haitch superfrend. I have a big probleme, because, I have 10 hdd on 8tb, and I want to plots them.
    But witn cpu I need 8days fore one hdd. So 80 days for 10 hdd
    I try to plot witn my gpu 480rx 8gb xfx, but is so slow.
    Can you help me superfrends ?