How do you find out that you are mining ?

  • Hello guys,

    One question how can i see the 3.040 miners from, how can i make sure that i am mining?


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    Tudor Samson

  • admin

    @SamForex If your miner shows "Confirmed DL" - you're mining

  • @haitch Could you provide a print screen ?

    Because i can't seem to find what you have told me, this is what i see from my miner v1.170603:

    Screen 1:

    Screen 2:

  • @SamForex This way it wont work.

    In your above screenshot, pool adress and updater adress are different - but should be the same.

    Thus, you dont get any confirmed download, thus wont get any Burst. Should look like this:


    To solve your Problem, Close your wallet completely, then reopen it and Switch/correct pool info by "start mining"- choose the pool you want to be part of giving the miner the correct Information. Click "Change Award Assignement", paste pool info and your passphrase into the TextBox. After about 20 min your miner then should Show correct /confirmed DL, looking like this: