crowetic payouts June 19th delay - crowetic sick

  • Hello all, sorry I didn't let you all know this yesterday, but I suddenly became quite ill yesterday, and had to rush home from where I was at location 2 (prepping to move to new location) barely made it home, and immediately hit the bed, was very ill...

    I think stress is taking a toll on me, with so many things going on at once...

    Two different moves, more hardware coming, more builds to do, and that's just on the asset side of things...

    But with the move comes the full time assistant, and full time mining location. So once these moves are complete things should slow down significantly.

    Sorry about the delay on payouts, I should have them accomplished tonight, I don't think I'm going to attempt doing any moving today, give myself a day to rest.

    Thanks and apologies for not posting yesterday, I was completely down and out.

  • Be well @crowetic

  • @crowetic thanks for the update and hope you get a lot of rest!

  • @crowetic hope ya feel better bro!!

    Thanks for the update!

  • Thanks everyone, I appreciate the understanding.

    I'm excited to have a bunch of new updates for everyone soon. Moving to the new location will be a lot of work, but it will be great! It will allow me to have much more availability for more hardware, and also cut my costs and heat significantly. Since it is underground and has extremely low power costs.

    It's the best location in Reno, for SURE.

    Anyway, feeling much better today, and gearing up for asset payouts as I type.

  • Banned

    get well soon dont forget health is wealth!!

  • I appreciate the update.

    Health before wealth man, drink a ton of water!